argh, kill me now!

G'day all!

Well the saga goes on. Today I realised the content of an email yesterday says "organise your own visa trip to Canada and we will repay you."

Poo, bottom and crap as I like to say in the vernacular.

Umm, with what money? OK, we are blowing money on a trip on the train. Maybe we shouldn't do that but it is our only known chance to go see Nathan's friends. The Calgary trip is going to cost at least $1200 in airfares (I think I have to book flights in and out to please the Canadian officials), plus another thousand at a hotel unless I can find us somewhere cheap but decent like a hostel or something... Are Canadian hostels as disgusting as those in the USA? Australian hostels are usually quite nice, especially the newer ones and ones not attached to caravan (RV) parks.

Anyone know anyone in Calgary?

I have to go book a plane ticket or two.



  1. Anonymous2:00 pm

    One step at a time....
    Here in my corner of the world, just cheering you on.....
    Becky (from FC)


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