hey! No fair!

G'day all!

Yesterday I went to the Bad Place. I was told the Bad Place has cheap laptops. Yep! Found a laptop for less than the secondhand place we went to (like why on earth would anyone pay $380 for a secondhand laptop? A three year old secondhand laptop? $150 or so, maybe). OK, so it isn't the best built laptop in the world but if we look after it it should be fine, and did anyone say CHEAP?

Whilst I was at the Bad Place, I thought I would try on some pants. And some bras.

Can anyone tell me how it is possible for me to drop two dress sizes by coming to the USA and go up a bra size even though I've lost an inch or so off all my measurements?

The dress size thing? Easy. You guys have resized your dress sizes. Half the manufacturers in Oz have done the same thing - if you want to be a 12 instead of a 14 you pick out certain labels. Of course everyone wants to be smaller! (This is a warning for American women out there - prepare to increase your dress size if you go to Australia. If you go to Asia, if you are any size above minute, prepare to have to have all your clothes tailored cos they don't make stuff big enough for an American size 10.)

But the bra size? How come I have gone up? I am *smaller* than I was! My measurements are smaller. Are American women so worried about the size of their boosage that instead of resizing smaller, the manufacturers have resized larger? So what was a 36B, for example, is now a 38C? DH suggests lower air pressure since we are almost a mile high here, but we all know that Mythbusters ahem blew that myth apart.

Your thoughts are as always welcome!



  1. pao was always surprised how much bigger the clothes are in the US.

  2. it might be just the cups on the bras you're trying. admittedly, i can't buy off the rack at THE BAD PLACE because of my size, but even with the mail order i do, different bras hit me differently, depending on how they're made. i NEVER buy a bra with elastic on the cup itself, cuz i know it won't expand enough to work for me.

    email me and i'll tell ya my size, i'm not saying it here, lol.

    and did ya give up on omaha?


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