Is it wrong

Is it wrong to be up at 3:15am cataloguing and photographing your sock yarns?

Y'see the sleeplessness continues so I decided maybe playing with pretties would help me some, or at least distract me. It is not normal for me to have insomnia, but I ate something yesterday, oops two days ago, that is having ongoing repercussions and one of those is racing brain that will not sleep.

Now I have to choose what yarns to keep out of the removalists' mitts so I can make me and others socks and stuff whilst we travel around Canada. And the USA.

I have an *awful* lot of sock yarn. And I mean that in the sense of awe, not aw shucks. And I left a lot of sock yarn at home too. Hmm. I guess you'll want to see the pictures, but not quite yet - I think my brain is finally slowing down. Hooray! Maybe I will get some sleep by 4am! Or mebbe not.

My name is Lynne and I am addicted to sock yarn.



  1. Hello, you :)

    Happy belated greetings. I'm afraid I'm one of those unspeakably rude readers who skimmed through without stopping to put digits to keyboard. In my defence, you seemed pretty dazzled by all your birthday goodies...

    Hope your plans all work out ok. It's worse doing the scheduling than the actual travelling, if that's any consolation. Also, it's easy to get superfocused on something like this if you've little or nothing else to distract you, like a job or kitties, or even friends to go and bitch it out with.

    You're doing it tough at present, but I feel confident in your abilities to make it work.

    It must be Insomnia Week International, or some such. DH and I have also both been getting less quality sleep than we'd like (and not for the obvious reason, so wash your mind out) and DD's teacher commented that he was running on little or no sleep yesterday, too. Is something in retrograde?

    Gee, comments this long make me think I should restart my blog ;P

  2. And you are not alone :)

  3. Oh goodness, sorry there is all this madness going on! And grr at DH for being Not Helpful! It must be tough going from your home environment to somewhere that you are effectively isolated, on your own. Hopefully it is not too much to ask for DH to have a wee bit of empathy here.

    I do feel bad for not having visited here on your birthday, we did communicate however so I shall not put on my sackcloth and ashes :-) Love the yarny gifties and purchases.

    Fingers crossed the trip and the visas all go without a hitch!

  4. Ah yes, insomnia is my friend at the moment due to lots of stress! I can't say I'm surprised you're not sleeping well, you've got a lot to think about but I know you'll be ok.


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