Ripped off bad!

G'day all!

So busy at present, and rather introspective too. An upcoming birthday, getting older (one day makes all the difference!), Mum would've been 77 (!!!) the other day (in a way I am glad I watched her get old in a few months rather than over the years). I have a project or 10 that are totally out of control and taking over the house....

Anyways, I get on Amazon today cos it is my birthday on Saturday and I wantses me some stuff, money be hanged. Nathan asked me to get a couple of compact flash cards for a project he is working on. It says all my stuff is in stock and will ship shortly, whilst the flash cards will be two or three days before they ship.

So what do I get this evening, six hours after ordering? An email saying my order is in TWO shipments, and Nathan's has already been sent. The one that would not be sent until after the weekend. Mine is still waiting to be picked and packed.

Spewin'. (That's Strine, classic Strine. It means that I am moderately upset, only in less delicate terms.)

I am mighty tempted to drive on up to Scotts Bluff in Nebraska tomorrow arvo and go to Brown Sheep. It is a long drive for a short afternoon but dangit, if I don't go, I might not get the chance to go again. We can't afford to hire a car more than once a month and borrowing cars is mostly harder than one might think. I could see if any local Ravelers want to go up, then they could drive me but they might not want to stop and look at stuff. Hmm, a conundrum! saturday? I think maybe the Swetsville Zoo and a little drive into the mountains, unless I decide I want to check out Boulder and other yummies there like Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins or whatever they are. Also Woolen Treasures cos I haven't been there since umm, early August?

And someones on Ravelry have put me onto Anthropologie again. I looked at that site a LOT about two years ago and fell in lust with about half the clothes and shoes on it. Gosh I would like to be able to afford something from that site, and even better be able to wear it! LOL - I'm in exercise gear most of the time these days cos a) it is warm, well my stuff is, and b) I can ride the bike whilst wearing it. I don't have much call for pretty clothes or shoes these days, which is probably why I like pretty socks instead. This leads to more introspection - what is my role now? Housewife? I am pretty darned bad at that! I am not allowed to work for pay here, and was going to do voluntary work when I found a place I liked but I'll only have one more month I can do that sort of stuff here and the weather is starting to cool down. It makes it hard to get to (since I can't breathe when it is cold and I am riding the bike) and I don't want anyone expecting me to stay around either...

For putting up with me whinging away, I give you:

Pretty! This technically belongs on Coloradoan Dreaming but you need some sort of reward. I *love* Spring Creek. It is so pretty. This pic was only about 300m from our place. I have so many pretty pictures of the creek that I have to get together.



  1. Heya Lynne, it's Saturday morning here (so I'm not jumping the gun)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!


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