Faffing around

G'day all!

I am faffing around a lot at the moment. Touching on this, then that, then skipping off to do something else. Mentally at least. Physically - well let's just say this gut thing hasn't gone away yet....

I've been working on the fingering weight version of the lovely sock I designed early this year. No pics yet cos my first try was in a cashmere blend that I got last year, and it turns out to be rather inconsistent in weight = gauge is WAAAAY off and also it tends to be hard to work with the slubby bits in a lace pattern on needles that are smaller than the yarn usually would need. So I started again with some normal sock yarn. So far so good but I have to knit it in front of the computer cos that is where the pattern is as I cannot print it out. Mr Printer and I are having words and have been for two weeks now. He just doesn't want to know my computer exists.

I've been washing fleece.
washed fleece
(White finn X, white suffolk X, brown/black corriedale. Corrie is droolworthy, the rest is noice. Plus more - grey polwarth that is very very noice too but was hung on the line in gauze bags, and today some more - merino corrie cross in the sock yarn colour below.)

I've been spinning fleece. I even made some almost sock weight yarn.
handspun almost sock yarn
Don't get too excited, Ozknitter, cos it took about 5 hours of prep and spinning to make that little 50g hank. I can't see anyone will want to buy handspun sock yarn for $25 a hank (and that is really underpaying myself by a lot but y'know getting some money back on the time/work is better than none). I could try making it a two ply not a navajo (3) ply. That would take less time to spin. Can't guarantee that it will stand up to being socks though cos it is pretty soft still.

woollen spun dyed corriedale
I dyed some corrie cross handspun.
woollen spun dyed corriedale
It is a dark brown fleece with lighter patches and some white grizzling, like a person who is just starting to go grey. I threw it in the pot with some purple and plum and I must say it is *totally* luscious. It feels so nice! I am going to sell it, if anyone is interested. It is great to spin - so soft and yummy! I spin it woollen so it is a bit fuzzy but even my super-sensitive skin has no problems with it. One ball is a slightly different weight and colour to the others (the one ont he bottom left).

Confession time.

I watched Dr Phil yesterday. Then I watched Oprah. First time ever! OMG, what is happening to me. I *did* turn off when the soapies started though. Honest!

What I wouldn't give for a shower about now - I want to wash the sweat out of my hair. Alas, this is what our shower looks like at present:

We had to pull the walls out cos the bottom of them was rotting away. That is what happens in 50 year old houses with waxed masonite shower walls....

Oh for a shower! Watch out, I might write a REALLY bad ode if you are unlucky!



  1. OMG!! that wool looks gorgeous!!!

    Hope your stomach bug bugs off soon! lol

    Cant wait to see the sock..

    PERHAPS I am knitting a sock! lol You will have to wait and see..Hoping not to take FOREVER to get it done..

    Its gorgeous weather here! Couldnt handle being in WA at the moment.

    I make a point of avoiding Dr Phil and Opera..I get strong urges to want to slap the tv....


  2. Love the purple and plum over the dark brown. Very different from your usual colours, but fabulous!

  3. I do a lot of faffing about myself!!! It fills in endless hours!!! I hope your shower is fixed soon so you ca bathe again!! Is it hot? It is cool here momentarily. I am pondering another sock too. I want mine to be sea-y.

  4. I hope that shower gets fixed quickly! Sorry to hear you're still having gut woes. Those are the worst...

  5. Love the deep purply spun/dyed yarn. Hope your shower is sorted soon, ours was out of action for a week recently and it was not amusing. I'm guessing it's even less amusing given the current gut issues!

  6. yummy yummy yarn.... looking forward to seeing the newly recreated sock!

  7. *puts a lid on the excitement*

    It is gorgeous though, so too is the darker one.

    Hope you're feeling better and that you get your shower fixed! Smack Mr Printer too LOL.

    Enjoy your long weekend! Will I see you Sunday?

  8. Try unplugging EVERY connection to your printer/computer - waiting a few and then plugging back in before start up. When my printer pretends it can't hear me that usually works.

    For now. I suspect it will catch on any day now...but my theory is it resets itself once unplugged.


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