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G'day all!

Why is it that when I am out driving, if there is ONE derro on the road, they will be in front of me? (I should not say derro - it means a homeless person who enjoys a bit more plonk than they should. Yes they drink to self-medicate. Yes it is very sad. Yes I have occasionally given them money - heck, if booze is all they have, they may as well enjoy it.) Why do I seem to attract the people who have to slow to a crawl at every street corner to see if this is where they should turn, or the person who thinks that if wiping off five (kmh) means the road will be safer, wiping off 20 will be even safer? Or the person who thinks that since I drive a small car, I am slow?

I realised the other day that I drive like my mother. I learned a lot from my mum's driving. Like always try to be polite. You can't always be polite but don't do that lovely thing of sitting at the right hand turn arrow (US equivalent - left hand turn) until it turns yellow and *then* take off. I can still hear her exhorting herself and our little Mazda 808, "Get up Betty!" Mum used to go like a bull at a gate with her take offs, and enjoyed a twisty bit of road. But she didn't speed cos speeding was not worth the risk of being caught - we never had much money and being fined or losing her licence was not Mum's cup of tea.

I also realised that I am a horrible snob. I visited a blog where the person swears a lot. I don't like people swearing unless there is a good reason to swear. Dropping a hammer on your bare toe is when swearing is allowed. Putting a sledgehammer through a wall that was meant to be left intact is a cursing occasion. Dropping the f-word, amongst others, into every sentence for no reason whatsoever is what I consider crude. I know that a lot of people just swear because that is the way they speak, but I don't. I say heck and darn and crap and bottom and poo and beggaration and piffle and crikey and holy guacamole and jesus h christ on a popsicle stick and godsakes and various other ways of taking the (christian) lord's name in vain but my cursing is considered very mild and indeed laughable by some of my friends. They encourage me to swear in a much more blue fashion, but my Mum raised me not to say Bad Words and I am a Good Girl. (OK, I now say dickhead too cos I keep getting stuck behind them on the roads and it makes me feel better to call them dickheads. Oh and I call something pissweak too, especially the other drivers on the road.) I also don't like blogs where the person is sexually explicit. If I wanted to read p0rn I would go find some that is good.

I tend not to go back to blogs that I find offensive. There are plenty of other blogs out there to read. (And if I haven't visited you for a while, forgive me. It is very unlikely that it is because you've dropped the f-word too many times. More likely is that there are a LOT of blogs out there and keeping up with about 200 of you with more appearing every day is beyond me.)

What other musings have I had recently? Well I like washing fleece. Just as well really cos I have well over 10 kilos of it to wash. That is a LOT of fleece! I like flicking it out and spinning from the lock. The idea of moving to Co is becoming more intriguing to me. Still scary but if Nathan is offered a contract and I can get a green card or whatever visa Australians need we are going. I hope it all comes through ok.

Our quick trip (3 days in Co) is all in progress - flights are booked, accomodation arranged, all pre-paid! We will be there from Monday the 26th to Thursday the 29th of March. If we move to Co, then we will probably spend this coming Christmas in To - yep Toronto. Nathan's parents plan to be there, visiting friends. We figure we should crash the party, and visit a few bloggy friends as well if possible (Lettuce Knit here we come!).

Do you like the secret spin off parcel I got last week? I have been *so* remiss in not posting a pic earlier. *blush* sorry. There is some merino spun all soft and plied with some silk, plus tea and chocolate. My pal has a minor problem in that she has LOTS of alpaca, but alpaca and me don't get along so well, and absolutely NO wool!

Just as well she isn't here then.... I have some alpaca which I have to offload cos I can't spin with it and really I have soooo much stuff I can spin with, I may as well get rid of my alpaca stash. Hmm, I must weigh it and update the fibre page.

We have not made any progress with the shower for four days now. At least we know what we want to do with it now. We have to smash up the old base and then put in some ply/wood, seal it then concrete slurry then plop a new base in. Sounds easy? I have this weird feeling it won't be a piece of cake.... In the meantime, my "shower" looks like this:

The cat "blanket" is nearly done. I think it is going to turn into a cushion. This means I'll need another ball of the yarn and something to fill it with. That means SEWING! Eeek! I have a sewing machine. I sewed my own wedding dress on it. I can sew but I am not a good neat sewer. I am usually neater when I do things by hand. I do horridly neat hand sewing and embroidery. Can't help myself. It takes forever so I tend to avoid doing it. Anyway, when I have cast off the edge, I will take pics for you to admire it.

I visited a health food shop that has loads of GF/DF stuff yesterday. I stood in front of their freezer cabinet just drooling. I couldn't buy much cos we have a very limited budget (still nothing on the job front, alas!). I just heated up a cinnamon doughnut. I am in LERV, babee! LERV! My goodness, I could eat the whole dozen of them (and then feel very ill indeed). They taste just like normal doughnuts smell. They feel like I remember cinnamon doughnuts feeling on the tongue. They are not Uncle Rick's most excellent jelly cakes with a divine soy creme patisserie, but they will do quite nicely thank you!

D'oh! Time for me to get some dinner into me and choof off to pick Nathan up and have dinner with the PiLs. They eat out on Fridays so it is easiest if I eat first....

I leave you with a picture of Yet Another Sunset for you. We've had some ripsnorters recently.



  1. Ack!! I used the bomb once - I hope it didn't put me off your list!!!!

  2. I love choof!! I was always choofing off!! At the moment I tend to pop places: I'm just popping next door!! My dad was in the Navy and knew every swear word there was, but I never heard him swear and he said ladies don't swear and so I don't: I am not, by implication though - a lady!!! (I think sh^t ^p is swearing!!!
    Ahh drivers who don't indicate till AFTER the light has changed!!
    Ohh Lettuce Knit, I have seen pictures of that- and you might go there??? How exciting!!!

  3. Gorgeous sunset... Well, if you move over, I can tell you that there are TONS more gf food options appearing all the time. I've been able to eat cheese a bit more recently and have been much enjoying frozen gf spinach and feta "white" pizza from Glutino. YUM...

  4. I want to talk like you! Waaaaahhh. I'm just a Vermonter (by marriage only, at that) and the most colorful phrase I can come up with is "Jeezum Crow" or the emphatic, "Jeezum Crowbait."

    Funny story (stop me if you heard it): I was driving through town with my 5yo daughter. I got cut off at an intersection and I swore loudly and with feeling, something I do almost exclusively when feeling road rage; I'm not even aware of the language spewing out of my mouth. My daughter admonished me, telling me not to say bad words out loud, but to keep them in my head. I apologized.

    Moments later, I stopped at an intersection for an ancient old shuffling man to cross. It was taking FOREVER. My daughter said, "Hurry up!" and I thought she was yelling at me. I said, "I can't hurry up, there's a man taking forever to cross the street." She said, "I know, that's who I was talking to. He's taking a long time to walk, so I said 'hurry up.' But in my head, I said, 'Hurry up, F**ker.' Because you shouldn't say stuff like that out loud."

    I was worried about her entering kindergarten, but she did me proud....

  5. I've just discovered the Collection of the Historic Costume and Textiles Collections at Colorado State University, in Fort Collins which you might be interested in checking out while you're there. There was an article featuring lots of their silk items in Piecework, and they all looked amazing.

  6. Elvira3:10 am

    I love the knitting blogs where the blogger gets anal about spelling, grammar and the general use of English (they, of course, are English majors). Yet, when they want to rant they have to drop the f word - whatever happened to the art of the insult? If they have such a command of English (Amerish?) then surely they can express themselves without resorting to vulgarity.


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