Not another!

G'day all!

It has been steenky hot here recently and when it is steenky hot, the study gets very very warm and sitting in front of a hot LCD screen is no fun at all. A cool change is pushing through, alas no rain for us even though it was forecast, and it is a little better today. (This is to say the sweat on my upper lip is only just starting to bead after half an hour rather than dripping off.....)

Does anyone else find that their dishwasher packs up and refuses to do dishes for days when it is hot? She has the best intentions of doing dishes at least once a day but when it is over 35 degrees in the house (and we are talking celsius here), the allure of a clean and tidy kitchen drops, especially if it involves half an hour of wearing rubber gloves and sticking hands into very hot water. (The opposite applies in winter - the allure of hot hands is quite compelling!)

Guess what I made?

(By Lynne, age *mumble*. I designeded it all by myself! LOL)

Yep *another* sock! I found a pattern I really like in a Barbara Walker book I borrowed from the library. Then I worked out how to turn it into a sock. I have to knit another one in this sportweight yarn, then try to adapt it for a sockweight yarn too.

Would anyone like the pattern when it is ready?

Poor Nutkin doesn't like the heat. Every time it gets hot, she starts dumping yet another round of fur - I can't believe how much fur she has moulted. If we kept it, there would be enough to spin a goodly length of yarn (but the staple is too short since she is a shorthair). In this photo she is saying why do you keep calling me? I'm exhausted and will only favour you with a look....

One of my rose bushes was not very happy some time ago. It got put in the greenhouse to recover.

I think it has recovered so well that we will have to wait until winter to get it out of the ground.



  1. I would love the pattern when its ready! Its gorgeous! dishwasher packs it in when its too hot...Mind you my "dishwasher" is my husband! lol

    We have had really nice weather the past 2 days..Which I am glad about cos it was horrid before then.


  2. I can't do without my airconditioner(though Hubby is awarm paerson and sometimes insists on it going when its still a mild day!)
    Haven't had it on for days now since that cyclone came through,its been beautiful.....
    PS I have a dish washer but its residing in loungeroom 'cause we can't put it in kitchen yet....

  3. Hi Lyn
    I would love the pattern. Especially in fingering weight.
    Only dishwasher we have is me or sometimes my husband.
    At least here in SA it is now cool and not humid
    I read your blog but usually don't comment.

  4. i LOVE that pattern! and since i've got some handspun that is sportweight, i think i'll use it! woohoo!

    and have you ever thought about blending the cat hair with wool? you'd want to do that anyway, because it has no memory. i almost saved all the hair my son brushed off our fuzzy cat the other day, but i don't have any cards or a carder.

  5. Beautiful sock! So impressive that you designed it yourself! I'd love that pattern - especially for sportweight :)

    Nut is so cute and your roses are ggorgeous!

  6. Oooh, cute sock! I'd love the pattern when it is finished!

  7. Oh the sock looks like it has bluebells!! It is beautiful!! It has been hot but now it is cool here and very very rainy and The Labradors and I walked in the rain this morning and splashed in puddles!! Poor cats. I know I 'mist' Harki and Peri and hose them as well as have the paddle pool. Hope it is much cooler soon!!!

  8. Beautiful sock - and yes, please, I'd love the pattern!

    Poor Nut - it must be dreadful for her.

  9. Anonymous11:51 pm

    How sad is this .... I have a little ziplock bag of cat hair I'm going to blend up with wool someday, and make socks. The first pair of socks I made from my own handspun has cat hair in some sections (by design I might add).
    I love my cats :) When I am Old(er) I shall be a Crazy Cat Lady and be complained about to council.

  10. Clever clogs! My dishwasher stands at about 6 feet, and works in all weather conditions. Lucky me married the perfect man!

  11. It's gorgeous! You should send that to knitty or someplace!!

  12. Maggie12:21 pm

    I've just started my maternity leave for a year, in Ontario and I'm using up the time that I'm waiting for the big debut by knitting Christmas gifts ahead of time.... waaaaay ahead of time. If you are still willing to send out that pattern I would LOVE it.
    Sadly the dishwasher around here is either myself or my husband. We both love to cook and bake, but it takes us both a nudge to get around to the dishes. We both love the air conditioner and come summer time I believe the bambino will think he/she was born at the ice caps!


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