G'day all!

All things being equal, as day and night are today, I'd prefer to be in the northern hemisphere. You guys will now have the day longer than the night. We are heading the other way. I am a long days girl and hate this time of year. OK, so I get more crafting done in the evenings when there is no sunny evening. Still, I like being able to potter outside or have a lazy barbecue without having to turn lights on (Nathan has set up a string of party lights through a tree so we can eat outdoors still!). There is one thing I do like about winter - that is that I get to see sunrise and sunset. That is really nifty. And if it is cold enough, we can go cross country skiing in the mountains. And the footy is on. And I can wear the woolly things I've spent summer crafting. Cycling is somewhat less pleasant - my hands get very very cold, as does my nose, if the temperature is below about 15C. Most of the things I like doing are less pleasant and involve rugging up. I am a shorts and tshirts and sandals girl these days and don't like wearing lots of clothes.

It is only a handful of days before we are off to Colorado! We fly out on Monday. We fly in there on Monday! Yes we get in our time machine and effectively go back in time! 15 hours back in time I think! Of course we lose a whole day on the way back. I am at the stage of panicking about the cats (and fish) getting fed - our cat feeder has not been available for days and I don't know who will be feeding them. Plus the clothes I'll need - it has been about 60F in Fort Collins recently and the forecast so far is for the same, but what if it gets cold? I don't have much in the way of stuff for 32F. Gosh, I have to find something to worry about, and temperatures and whether or not I'll find something to eat there will do. Looks like we will be eating out a lot and that worries me cos I have a rather restricted diet as far as eating out goes.

I've been working on the various socks. Yesterday I used up my all day zone two ticket and went for some bus rides and train rides. This gave me plenty of time to knit cos there was a LOT of waiting. I'll say this much for not having a working watch at present: it means that I don't get impatient waiting for buses and trains cos I have NO IDEA what the time is. Plus I get a lot of knitting done. Not that I remembered to take a picture of it.

Today's Grumpy Old Woman moment - what is it with these young men who decide that since they like certain music, the WHOLE train carriage must share it with them? They are mostly of south asian or middle eastern extraction and play the music on their phones. It is usually not-western-scale-music crossed with hip-hop. Thank goodness that phone batteries still don't last that long, especially when playing music loud enough to share around!

Hopefully tomorrow I will take some pics of the socks, and a new thing that I am obsessed about spinning enough yarn for. And a birthday present that I made. I hope the recipient likes it - it is a bit chunky and she is not a chunky girl...



  1. I like the extra sunlight, but I also prefer cooler temperatures. It just gets too hot for too long here in the southern US.

  2. The other side of the world!! I find it all very hard to comprehend!! I am waiting for Autumn to start: it is going to be 26*C here today. In Tasmania. What is going on? I don't mind the darkness now I don't go to work. It was very horrid then, leaving for work in the dark and getting home in the dark, but I do love the cold. I welcome the cold. Labradors like the cold too. Hope the cats and fish get sorted out for you!!

  3. Oh what fun,a change is as good as a holiday! We had close to 39' today,witha hot wind too,
    At least you will be able to use all those woollies or at least try them out,LOL
    Good Luck and hope evrything works out beauty for you,(does that sounds aussie enough??????)

  4. It is always stressful getting ready to travel, especially so far. But the wonderful thing is once you leave, you can leave all your troubles behind. You have to trust that the cats are safe with whoever ends up feeding them, and for a brief while, you can be someone who is not tied down to household chores. Freedom!

    Enjoy the trip, I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm only sorry we live so far from CO.


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