Monstrous cat attacks yarn!

Enormous cat attacks innocent yarn!

(Cheshire loves to appear just when I start a photo shoot with some yarn, and then likes to stand between it and the camera and ask me why I am not patting her? She doesn't appear if I just sit on the back door step. BTW, no yarn was harmed in these pictures.)

G'day all!

Oh yes there has been knitting and spinning and dyeing here!

Nutmeg's cat cushion is finished. Well the front half of it anyway.

I decided to try knitting some of my weirder handspun into some not-Fetchings.

They have a different thumb and are longer in the hand cos I like them like that.

I knitted a hat out of the yarn my spin off pal sent me.

I call it my Rocky Mountain hat - it is a bit pointy (maybe that is just my brains trying to escape!) and is quite white. I had a punt at the right gauge and yay me! Then I did three cables up the sides and another for the brim. Interestingly enough, I had only 30cm (12") of yarn left over - did I "judge" that well or what?

Some experimental spinning after a hot date with the crock pot:

(All spinning for sale, $10 per 50g.)

The dye pot before the dark burgundy/plum yarn went in - weird precipitates formed.

Our tickets to Fort Collins are all booked in. We are flying out of here on the 26th of March and land in Fort Collins only 2 hours or so after we leave here. LOL We leave Fort Collins on the 29th and arrive back home on the 31st of March at the almost ungodly hour of not quite 8am. Less than two weeks before we get in a BIIIIIG plane and fly off to the never never! (Actually the US. Then I give up my forefinger prints. Grr) I hope I can meet up with the Fort Collins knitters and spinners but my only contact there is on interesting (legal) drugs and is not communicative. Nathan also has to go up to visit Google in Sydney next week. He will have to swap a day of work or something.

Finally, Nutmeg says "Grovel, minions!"

(Pictured here on top of the wardrobe, on a fleecy blanket and my lumberjacket, in tasteful greens, blues, pinks and yellows - just what all evil overlords recline upon, don't you think?)



  1. Bore da :) (Welsh for good morning )
    What lovely photos of Cheshire and all your lovely dyed yarns.
    I love Nutmeg's cushion and the way the colours blend.
    You are in for a busy time ahead , good luck with it all .
    The only downside of moving for me and believe me I have moved a LOT , is the packing and unpacking. Now If I could afford to just walk out with my yarn stash and wheel and leave the rest of my belongings behind that would be great .
    Will be reading your blog with interest to see how you get on and I am sure once there you will meet up with other knitters & spinners

  2. I love that 2nd picture of Cheshire!! Hee hee. Briliant.

  3. Oh, that kitty blanket is just beautiful! I love it!

    Hmm, are the evil overlord's eyes glowing green?

  4. I love the cat cushion. The yarn colors and the design work well together. I got a kick out of that picture of Cheshire's nose.

  5. Hi there - I don't live far from Ft C - so if you want to get together - give me a holler and I'll send you my cell phone #.

  6. Great Mog Shots! And what a posh cushion Nutmeg will have - such yummy colours!
    That dyed yarn of yours looks faintly reminicant of the blanket colours in the final photo - you've not been very quick with the weaving have you? LOL!


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