G'day all!

I have many pics to catch up on and tales to tell, but today I have to get my rather late entry for La's contest in!

You are getting a pawful!

First we have Cheshire. She has lovely white paws, except for when she has just been under the house or digging a hole. You can see what she has been up to... Cheshire is hard to get pics of cos as soon as you try to take a pic of her and you move away from her front end, she follows you. Keep patting me! Why are you grabbing my back paw?

Now for Nut. Nutmeg is not camera shy. All you need to do is get her to lie down and then you rub her belly and she blisses out. Again, it is hard to get back paws but front paws? I love the way she flops her paws down.

Gosh we have awfully cute cats. Nutmeg is one of the most unique cats I've had - she is not a normal cat. Cheshire's a normal cat - she does cat things and is fairly independent. Nut is more like a dog, only without the loving brown eyes and constant hope and demand to be one's best friend.

Soon, a real fibre post! Hooray!



  1. Feeling better are we?
    I learnt to do navajo plying on the weekend! after watching a vid on technique I picked it up in less than ten mins and am hooked..woohoo!!!!

  2. Cute kitty paws, but kitty paws are the best anyway. Hope you're feeling better.


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