If flapping was flying

I'd be halfway to the US by now!

(argh, our host is down, so no pics today! Dang, cos I have THE BEST shot linked below.)

G'day all!

Tomorrow morning we get up at an ungodly hour and head off to the airport. We have to be there by 8:30am, which means slap bang in the middle of peak hour. Plus after our recent tunnel fire traffic will be chaotic. I had thought we had to be there by 10:30 but because we've just lost daylight saving and you guys have just gained it, it changes the flight time by 2 hours.

So I am faffing around flapping instead of getting anything done. I have bagged up some fleece that is finally dry and tossed it back into the fibre room (yep, literally tossed). I have located the tops someone in the US is buying from me - they are coming on the plane. I have not yet done my washing but Nathan's clothes are all clean. I need to get my only two decent pairs of pants washed. I am hoping that I'll get a chance to go shopping in Fort Collins - I need another pair of casual pants and my only pair of runners (trainers/joggers) (and really the only pair of shoes I wear much at all) recently decided to spring a leak.

Whilst I think of it, here's our itinerary:

26/3 10:25am QF93 (I think - it has an Am Airlines number) to LAX, 7:30am 26/3
12:40pm AA1458 LAX to Denver, 4pm.

26/3- 29/3 Fort Collins Marriott, 1200 Oakridge Drive, 970 282 1700
Monday - transit.
Tuesday - hosted drive around the area, maybe to the Rockies, Poudre Gorge, etc.
Wednesday - free for me, Nathan is at HP
Thursday - most of the day to faff around in.

29/3 7:35pm AA? Denver to LAX, 9:10pm
11:40pm QF?94 LAX to Melbourne, 7:55am 31/3

I am making a list of things that I shall promptly forget to bring with me. Dang, I've already forgotten to get some little bottles to put conditioner and body wash in - can't use the ones in the hotel usually cos they are too highly perfumed/the wrong sort of perfume. I also have a list of things to do such as the washing up - what is with all these dishes that I keep having to wash? I have not been able to see counter space for a week now! My washing. Tidy the loungeroom. Prepare the greenhouse for the cats (ie provide them with litter trays cos they aren't allowed out for the week). Tidy the bedroom. Tidy the study. Tidy the kitchen, after the dishes are done. Vacuum the floor. Have to have the place semi-decent for our cat sitter. Download some podcasts to listen to on the flights. Realise that I only have battery life for about 15 hours of listening, if I am lucky. Flights total nearly 40 hours. I will just have to sleep for half of them instead. At least I can knit on the US legs and should be able to on the way home too. We aren't allowed to carry knitting needles on planes here. Sigh. Decide what knitting to take. I've nearly finished the first tofutsies sock but all other socks are fairly much stalled. They need brainpower that I don't have currently.

Why do I get so panicky about travelling? I love it when I am doing it, it is just the upheaval to get there in the first place. Nathan is bracing for the usual round of bad temper.

If all this comes to fruition, the earliest they will be asking Nathan to start is the 15th of May. That is only 6 weeks away, five weeks after this trip! Freak out! We have a LOT of thesis to get done. We have house stuff to get done. I have to get rid of a LOT of stash! Not my fleeces or some of my spinning stuff but yarn I will never use all of. Five weeks to uproot our lives, get everything done and then go overseas. Heck, that would really only be FOUR weeks! EEEEEK! But it probably can't happen that fast cos Nathan's thesis has to be handed in first...

To distract you from the total lack of knitting progress photos I have put in pics of the weird skies we've had recently. We reached nearly 100F on Friday before a trough and cool change blew in. 37 degrees in march is almost unheard of. 24 overnight. Ick. But the change has brought major coolth! Only 8 this morning - still in the 40sF I guess but much much cooler than what we've been having! So cold my poor fingies were almost numb! We actually got nearly 20mm of rain yesterday - we so needed it! We need more too but for the nonce everything is soggy and lovely. I want to put a few plants in the ground this morning too and kill off some of the plants that have to go that are almost impossible to remove by digging them out - they are the sorts that only need one little node or bulblet to grow from. Goodness, why do I stress myself so?

Would you like to see my husband's remarkable plumbing? If so, click here.
OK. OK is a placeholder for me. OK is a calming thing. OK, this will be my last post for a few days I reckon. I doubt I will have time to blog from FC. OK, time to go do stuff.



  1. Best of luck for yout trip!!!

  2. Hope everything is A OK!! Have a great trip!!!

  3. have a great trip!!!

  4. Oh my you are in a rush, I get like this before I go away any where and end up so stressed before I start the journey. Hope you get to chill out.
    Sorry I couldn't get the photos to work for some reason

  5. Have a wonderful trip. Once you get on the plane you can calm down because you've done all you can do. Enjoy the States!

  6. Oh my -I would be flapping as well, I always do especially when DH says 'haven't you done this, that & the other I'm ready already' after leaving everything to me! I too love the travelling but always have a panic arriving somewhere - where do I go, have I got everything etc! Good Luck! You'll have a great trip I'll bet so deep breaths and relax!

  7. !!Have a safe, fun trip!!

  8. I hope you have/had a great time!

  9. Take some deep breaths! Of course, you're probably already here in the states?!?? How weird is it that you and Peeve are both in the states right now?

  10. I hope you have / had a wonderful trip and everything goes well!


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