My lord, I bring news!

G'day all!

We are back from Colorado. We had fun. Co seems like a nice place to live. Just as well too, cos Nathan has been offered the job and has accepted it.


Now we have to do all the visa stuff. I am expecting Nathan's will be easy - they can show he is the only person for the job after interviewing 24 others. Me? Well I don't want to just be a stay at home spouse. I don't want a full time job either cos I want to have fun and see stuff and hang out in yarn stores cos the FC yarn stores are hang-out-able in.

This is going to be one helluva move. I won't be seeing eucalypts and my lovely plants for a while (unless we go to California, where Nathan saw them everywhere). I will be seeing BIG mountains. We went the highest we ever have "yesterday" (it feels like yesterday but we crossed the dateline and gained a day so it is two days ago on the calendar but only one night has passed for us. Confused yet?) when we went to Estes Park. I was quite pleased - I felt a little light headed but not bad. Admittedly I did nothing more strenuous than get out of the car, walk up some steps, down some steps and have morning tea, but remember that I live probably no more than 60m above sea level, and Estes Park is 2293m above sea level - makes a bit of a difference. Looks like I won't die if I go there for a fibre festival in June (unless of course I hyperventilate with excitement and keel over) - I will have acclimated to being a mile high in Fort Collins by then (crosses fingers) and another less than mile won't be a big difference.

Pics will follow - I only took over 400 (!!!) and now I have to sort them out and pick out good ones. For you guys in the US, it is likely to be same old, same old, but for us it was all New and Exciting. We had one day of fabulous weather - sunny and spring-like, one where the clouds didn't clear until the afternoon and one day where it SNOWED! How exciting for us! That was the day we went to Estes Park, so the Rockies were all dusted with icing sugar, or so it seemed. It was *very* cold icing sugar. And wet icing sugar.

I feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing, having met the wife of Nathan's new boss, one of his colleagues (who is a mad knitter) and Kristi. Kristi kindly took a stranger on a yarn crawl and it was Fun! Thanks, Kristi! Cathy - I'll catch up with you next time cos it now seems there will be a next time :-) (oh, crap, Kristi's now having a bit of a rough time.) I admit that my main concern is me - Nathan will get along famously with people but me? I'm a bit shy. And odd.

I'll stop blathering. I am a bit jetlagged. Having the sun rise for about two hours this morning (it was chasing the plane) has put any time sense I might have totally out of whack. At least my directional sense is functional again (how can anyone get lost in a GRID like Fort Collins has for heaven's sake? I did!) and cars drive on the side of the road that I expect them to (this is going to be embarrassing on occasion cos I bet I will drive on the wrong side of the road in car parks and such).



  1. Welcome back, even though you were only gone for a bit. Now didn't I tell you that Calaradans were fine folk? Congrats to Nathan, too.

    Talk about deja vu - our first day in Boulder, we were taken for a drive to ... Estes Park, where the snow was all around, and coming down, too. A very lovely place.

    Now for the exciting bits of getting ready. Great news!

  2. We'll be neighbors! AND I'll see you in cool is that. Congrats on the job and the big move.

  3. I am so glad to hear that! Hmm, methinks I need to plan a trip to Estes Park this June... :)

  4. Wowee!! Congrats! We'll be so much closer! I can't begin to imagine what it takes to move overseas. Good luck!

  5. Welcome back and congrats to Nathan! What a major life change. It should be a fun adventure though.

  6. Brilliant news, huge congrats, it sounds like a great place to live as well. And you will be fine cos I say so :-)

  7. What good news!! I am very glad that it was a successful trip!!Did you have to be eye and fingerprint scanned and take off your shoes??? Snow?? How exciting!!

  8. Wooooot! Congratulations on Nathan scoring the job! And how fabulous meeting knitters straight away!

    But we'll miss you, kiddo. And will expect regular blogging of your adventures over the pacific.

  9. Nathan didn't actually snore in church today, which I thought impressive - though at one moment his hanging head and regular breathing betrayed him! He played the piano beautifully.

    Have fun in the States. I would quite like to live there for a while, knowing I could come back. What are the quarantine regs like for the cats? Actually it's coming back to Oz that would be the worst there.

  10. Welcome back!

    And congrats to Nathan for getting a job..

    Wow..I think a move overseas to America would be a little intimidating. Tassie is so QUIET to over there..I havent been out of Tassie in over 25years!! lol

    I bet the yarn shols are great over there! And you would be able to get wool we cant get here to play with!!


  11. Yeah, I'm so excited to hear that you'll be joining us here in FoCo!!! I don't think you'll have anything to be worried about as far as fitting in. I have no doubt you'll slip right into the SnB group and quite likely any of the gatherings at the LYSs too. We're pretty odd around here too :-P

    Oooo, I'm already having visions of dyeing days and such! Whee!

    Let me know what I can do to help your transition from this end...

  12. Lucky you - what excitement! You'll probably find that you have so much to do to get ready for the move that you won't even have time to worry about it at all!

  13. Fantastic! Congratulations to Nathan. What an exciting move for you both :)


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