I take it all back

G'day all!

You know how I was whinging about the short days coming up on us here in the southern hemisphere?

Well I take it all back.

Give me short days. Give me numb fingers and a purple nose (reminiscent of an alcoholic's but alas without the alcohol). Give me COOLTH! I want to feel COOL!

It is 28 degrees at the moment and nearly 10pm. That is hmm, let me go consult the thermometer for you in the imperial age... 82F.

It is frigging hot. It got to nearly 35 today and this is supposed to be autumn! (BTW, autumn began here on the 1st of March, not on the equinox.) It was humid too. What is with the humidity? Melbourne does DRY heat not this lousy humid stuff that means I drip sweat, oops I drip *glow* And I can't have a shower still. (Good news about the bathroom here)

Cats are sorted. Our cat sitter is available next week. Hooray!

Thank you to those who have offered assistance and meet ups next week. It is great to hear from you! (And if anyone knows Kristi/fiber fool, can you give her a prod? I've been leaving messages like little offerings on her blog but alas, no dice or at least no contact.)

I would download the magnif pictures I took today, well I hope some are magnif, but it is too stinking lousy hot in this study for me to sit here for long enough to do it all. I think I'll go sit in the loungeroom in front of the fan and do a bit of spinning (yes I can spin in front of the fan! No all my fluff doesn't blow away, and you can quote me on that).



  1. Your comment to my blog didn't get e-mailed to me - could be the same problem for Kristi. Try e-mailing her directly. Her e-mail is on her sidebar. I e-mailed you some info - hopefully it went thru.

  2. Yes, what is happening?? It was 26*C here yesterday and is expected to be at least as hot today. In Tasmania. At the end of the forst month of Autumn. The world has gone crazy. I ned it to be crispy and cool and then COLD. Now. Glad the cat's are sorted out!!! Hope we both have some 'coolth' soon!!!

  3. I cleaned out my cache and I can comment!! thanks for the suggestion! lol

    It was horridly warm here the other day too. Hoping it cools down now and starts acting like Autumn!!


  4. We are one of the only countries in the world (possible THE only one) whose seasons start at the beginning of months. Everywhere else declares seasons by the equinoxes and the solstices, so I never think of it as being autumn until after the March equinox. You throught Thursday was bad, what about Friday! (Which yes, technically, was autumn even for me!) I spent Friday afternoon sitting in a cemetary doing a class about Victorian (era) graveyard symbols until our teach declared it too dangerous because of the rising winds and dust! And then last night (Saturday) we turned the heating on. Go figure.

  5. D'oh! I just sent an email to Kristi and cc'd you... Sorry! I am so behind...


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