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Some interesting comments on my ramblings post. Never fear, unless you cuss and swear your way through every post, I am likely to read your blog if you have one. I may not though cos I may not know your blog. Dropping the odd word is ok, just not talking the way some people do.

Why is today's blog post titled constriction?

I seem to have been pondering things a lot recently. We have no money cos I don't have a job and have only worked for 2 months since last July. (Yep, I've been dysfunctional all that time ;-). I have been applying for temping roles left right and centre but so far no dice. It means my budget is very restricted. OK, I don't really need to buy much stuff but a new pair of casual pants would be good cos my old ones are nearly worn through (like see through bits) leaving me with only one pair unless I wear tracksuit pants (v unstylish). More noice GF/DF food would be nice (but fattening). I don't really need yarn or fleece or anything but I really would like to buy some more sock yarn to dye up. Topping it off nicely, the windscreen on my car randomly decided to crack on Friday and it is a long weekend here so the bloke I normally use for repairs is on holiday. The screen cracked further yesterday. It is only a year since it was fixed, but of course it is 13 months or so, not less than 12 months.... I am going to have to replace it - another $150 down the gurgler. Another $150 out of the mortgage. Grump.

We are also possibly going to be moving overseas in a couple of months. Or maybe not.

This is making for a life of uncertainty. There is no point me going for a permanent role cos if this Colorado thing comes through, I'll have worked there a couple of weeks and will have to leave. Temp work would be fine. But so far I haven't gotten very far with the temping stuff, despite talking to various places and sending off my resume and cover letter to several agencies.

All in all, it is driving me insane (insaner). I need to learn patience. I know things will fall as they will fall but like could they hurry up a bit? I want to know where my life is going. I want to be able to make plans. I don't have to follow through on the plans, I just want to be able to make them. At the moment it really feels like it is in the lap of the gods. We are living on the proceeds of my father's inheritance. I am surrounded by constraints and after a while you kinda get sick of having to practise restraint in pretty much everything you do.

When the going gets tough, the tough get spinning and knitting. So do I!

I'm still doing LOTS of spinning. I've washed so much fleece recently that I have pretty much run out of fleece scour. D'oh! Must get more this week. I've just been flicking the locks out and so pretty they are too! Then I spin them from the middle of the lock to make the yarn all fluffy and soft. Mmmm, soft droolsome yarn. It means it won't hold up to much wear but that is ok to me.

I created a new chat room on our server. If you run jabber/i-chat/exodus or an equivalent, go looking for a chat room called yarnivorous at or pop me an email asking for an invite in. I think that works. I won't be able to help in more than a general way with software other than jabber/gaim cos I don't run them and don't know how to join chats using them. Can't guarantee I'll be around 24/7 even if you do join in the chat!

Heh. A stupid mossie has been faffing around my desk. It showed no interest in me, instead settling on the monitor, the camera, some knitting.... I've made several fruitless attempts to squash it. But it just made a bold frontal attack, flying straight towards my face! Take that mossie! You are now an ex-mosquito!

The weather here has changed. It is now almost autumnal. There is a nip in the air in the mornings. About blasted time too! We are still going to get 30+ days here this week and it cannot by any degree be called cold, just cool relative to what we have been enjoying. March is regarded as the best time to hold events in Melbourne as the weather tends to be stable and dry. Dry alright! So far we've only had about 5mm of rain! Not even 1/4 of an inch!

Hmm, time to go tackle more of the bathroom. It is in a total state. Only the bath and one wall remain untouched. We've had all sorts of "fun" with it so far. Some of it involved removing the old shower base. Some of it involved water cos of course when you turn the water main off, the water still trickles through, and when you take a tap off without having an end cap to put over it.... oh dear. At least we had buckets!

If you have ever role-played (or roll-played) and like LotR, this might amuse. It sure as hell has been amusing me! (Oooh, I said hell!)

Today's pictures are care of our garden. Nutmeg vs my backside. Nutmeg lost... A Chinese Junk - such a pretty caterpillar but the moths are plain (check out this caterpillar! Cool!). Two David Austin roses. Some basils - limelight and ?siam queen or similar. A strawberry.



  1. My roses are blooming quite beautifully too. This warm weather must be just the ticket. Yummy strawberries too.
    Life can just be difficult and boogelly. Sadly, all I can do is hum: I'm being swallowed by a boa constrictor. Hopefully things will look up soon, I hate uncertainty. I don't cope well with uncertainty. I like to know what is going to happen, no matter how horrid it might be!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Things are mostly brown here.

    I hope things take a turn for the better soon. Sometimes it seems like everything happens at once.

  3. I thought you were making a cushion *for* the cat, not using the cat as a cushion :D

    If you pick up stitches all around both sides of the cushion, then do a three-needle cast off, you won't have to sew it up. Just don't forget to put the insert in before you cast off the fourth side.

    Can you tell I hate sewing up, too? I hope things look up for you very soon, both plans-wise and financially.

  4. Lots of gorgeous pictures... It's so interesting to hear about things starting to feel autumnal there, while here they're starting to feel a bit like spring...

  5. Lovely flowers! I needed a bit of summer weather. I'm quite sick of winter. That Chinese Junk caterpillar is really cool looking.

    I hope something comes through for you.

  6. It is frustrating and I know exactly what you're going through being a broke college student myself who is unsure of her next step in life. I suppose my only advice is just go with the flow. Things always work out.


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