Worsted vs woollen

G'day all!

Steenky hot here at the moment. OK, it is only 31 but it is humid and I doubt it dropped below 25 degrees overnight (yep, just checked the weather site and the closest weather station recorded a minimum of 25.4). We have massive power problems because the main transformer between us and our mates in NSW got burned out in a bushfire yesterday but the bushfire hasn't moved on much so they can't replace it. One of my friends was sitting at work yesterday afternoon with no power - no air con on a 41 degree day (that's hmm, about 107F?), no lights, no systems, except he had a laptop with wireless and for whatever reason there was a wireless connection available to him, so he was still on the net.... The wonders of modern technology!

So what that means is that I should stop blathering and get on with it cos we never know when the power will go out... As it is, for some reason my system keeps ignoring the mouse, which is MOST inconvenient since my GUI is mostly mouse driven (ie I've never had this problem before so I've never learned keyboard commands to get around it.)

I've been playing a lot with my woollen spun, and a little with worsted. I am getting better at the woollen yarns.

Here's some moorit spun worsted (left, smoothish) and woollen (right, fuzzy).

Heh. Looks like my woollen spun is better than my worsted now. Almost.

And this is some polwarth (despite what I named the file) spun worsted and woollen. The polwarth came up noice in woollen.

I've been playing with a finn suffolk cross (prepped for worsted and spun long draw like for woollen) and I reckon it would make great sock yarn spun worsted.

The other day I did a bit of dyeing. I used three colours - galah, opal and wattle (you can see them on this page), these being as close to magenta, cyan and yellow as I can get. Magenta, cyan and yellow (plus black) are classic colours used for magazine printing. From then you can get all colours - see?

Do you like the results? See how I got pretty much every colour? The bottom end of it is paler cos I deliberately set up the dyepot to have a paler end.

Oh, colours!

I admit that my knitting has been suffering cos I've been washing fleece and flicking it out and carding stuff and playing with my spinning. I think I've managed to do about 6 rows of a sock in the last 5 days. That is it!

This mouse weirdness is going to drive me INSANE(r). It just keeps stopping.

Finally we finish with a weird cloud last night at sunset. Two different levels of clouds makes for interesting colours.



  1. Lynne, that roving is absolutely gorgeous! You do have to love modern technology. I was able to get a wifi connection sitting in the middle of the river on the folks' boat last summer.

  2. So THAT'S what worsted v wollen spun means! Thanks!

  3. Excellent colours. I love colours. It is so hot here... we still have power, we have been sending some your way. It was still 33 inside at 11pm last night and I am over it entirely!!! No socks for Peri: I don't want to encourage her to find a new toy!!! At the moment she doesn't even want to play with wool!!! The Labradors are melting too.....

  4. It is so hard to imagine 107F right now! That's 100F warmer than what we have at the moment.

    The roving is LOVELY.

  5. Oooh! We're at -33 Celsius with the wind chill today...Brrrr!! Love to see your spinning - I'm taking Drop Spindle 101 next weekend so that should be interesting...I'm kind of hoping I don't like it "too much" as I really can't afford another stash!

  6. Those colors are fantastic! I am currently spinning some of that polwarth in a way that I think is worsted although I am going to have to have a hands-on demonstration before I fully understand.

    It's beautiful either way.

  7. Your roving is so bright and pretty!

    It sounds crazy warm there. I like summer heat, but 41*C sounds a bit on the excessive side.


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