The loneliness of the one sock knitter

G'day all!

It is 30-plus and humid and sunny today. We've had 36mm of rain since Christmas Eve, our water tanks are somewhat more full and we feel not so bad about the drought now cos it seems that El Nino is dissipating and we might get normal rainfall! HOORAY!

(Alas, not our house - we are not that organised or monied to get all those christmas lights up)

I decided I have another goal this year. Not only am I going to work on making mates to all my lonely socks and try only to use stash yarn for projects (with the usual suspects exempt, like yarn for dyeing, yarn for presents if I really don't have the right sort, etc), I am going to work on my relationships with other human beings.

Yep, that is right, this infp is feeling a little lonely. I'd like to have a best friend. I don't have one of those, except for my husband but he isn't good to go shopping with or laugh at stupid clothes and stuff or do girly stuff with. He doesn't get any of that stuff. Actually, truth be told, I am not very good at it either but sometimes it would be nice to do things with other girls. I've only had one best girly friend in my entire adulthood, and her husband was in the army and suddenly got assigned somewhere, so she packed up and went home to her mother's - here one day, gone the next, literally. Never heard from her again. I can only assume that the fault is mine for my lack of close bonding with other people - I am really quite reserved and reticent. Maybe someone would like to adopt me - I am after all an orphan, if one that is *mumble* years old and technically capable of looking after herself.

I knitted another sock. It is a test sock. It seems to work. It quite obviously is a sock.

It is too big for me but fits DH (whick it should cos I knitted it in his size). I called the yarn choc mint chip, though there is a little more green than you might expect for mint chip. This yarn wanted to be knitted into this sock - the previous yarn didn't want to be this sock and protested mightily. It tangled and knotted and whined a lot at me. Admittedly the sock would not pose nicely - it looks an ok size on my foot but you didn't see the other side, where it is all baggy and wonky 8-)

Oh, whilst you are here, nip over to here, if you don't mind, and splash that Christmas cash. I need some extra cash - no job = no income and the mortgage is slurping some ungodly amount of our one income - and the yarn has just been sitting there, so maybe free postage on orders over $30 will help move it on out! Plus I am of a mind to add some handspun and some tops for spinning. It all takes time to get it online especially if I add paypal buttons to it.

Also, if you are responsible for this book

appearing on our doorstep,
a) thank you and
b) who are you?
It doesn't say who it is from. Looks like I'll be working on my cooking skills too this year - it is really a fascinating book. It is like a hip geek's guide to cooking, or a Stephanie Alexander gone geeky (hmm, I guess that people outside oz may not know who Ms Alexander is... a cooking guru, further up there than Nigella, etc).

Plus on a totally bloopy (lucky) level, I just took down a 2006 weather calendar from the study wall, went to the front door to unlock it (it was deadbolted cos I had been out) and what did I find in the doorway? The new weather calendar that I ordered before Christmas! Is that timing or what?

Finally, I managed to get bike chain oil on the inside of my bra today. Am I not special?



  1. Hey you are not alone in the best friend thingy,I had no one at all and then two good friends popped up and although I don't go shopping with them very often,I love their company and also made ones day today by giving her the tea pot and cosy for xmas!
    I too have to improve my people skills as like it or not these two friends have closer mates than me and will often spend more time with them!
    How ever to cheer things up,I value them for that little contact!
    Also although we all chat via blogs ,I feel the blogging community is also a source of friendship and I value that as well!
    PS I have been eyeing off your dyed wool.........

  2. A hug from a 40 something orphan in Geelong,
    it's OK being an orphan,
    except at Christmas when you get to play with other people's relo's.
    Yep, it reminds me just how much I miss mine.
    Goodluck with the job hunting,
    I start a new job tomorrow, after not working for 2 years and yep, it's a little daunting, don't think I'll sleep well tonight.
    Enjoy your cyber friends and a BGF will pop-up.

  3. Special? Extra special. And not because of the oil :)

    I'm alot like that too. I haven't had a best girlfriend in forever - since before moving to Cali. If you want it, it will come to you. *hugs*

  4. I am knitting chocolate socks too!! How coincidental!!! The blocks aren't making for a clingy sock, it feels very luscious thopugh!!! My socks aren't for me wither.
    The weather here is humid, hot and close and there is NO RAIN even though there was snow on the mountain on Christmas day. How can that be???????????
    I hope you are feeling a bit less lonely now. I don't think best friends come along every day. They're special, just like you. I jammed my fingers in the car door today, They are OK, jusy a bit squashed and numb and I can still knit!!! I'm a bit special too!!!

  5. Ah, Lynne, I'm sorry you are needing a friend. I can't do much more than be a blog friend, given our distance. I am very lucky to have a few close friends; not a horde of them, but a few who are all special to me in different ways. I think I would be lost without them, in fact, so I hope you find at least one buddy of your own soon.

  6. i don't have a BFF either. she decided my ex-husband was a better friend than i, apparently. i think all you people on the web are my friends.

    and we didn't put lights up either. i keep buying them, but i've only had them up a few times, lol.

    and i think free shipping to me would be a bit cost prohibitive for ya, lol. i'm on a yarn diet anyway. would love to, though!

  7. Best friends come and go, hopefully just because they move away (not because they die, your boyfriend drives them away, they want your money or use you as a scapegoat for their marital problems!).

    I'm always up for a bit of shopping or girly stuff... when the fatigue monster isn't keeping me prisoner in my own home. Just gizza call.

  8. Wait, is that another single sock?! ;)

    I'm an INTJ and I really know what you mean. I am NOT good at making or maintaining connections with people. It's something I need to work on this year, too. More power, us!

  9. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Well I like you anyhow :)

    I'm still not sure why my (former) besty ex'd me, although the tanty she threw when she was pregnant about why wasn't I pregnant too because she always thought we'd be preggers at the same time might have something to do with it - for the record, childless by choice and lack of vocation for it. I guess my choices weren't as important as hers.

    And I'm not going to ask about the bike chain oil. I know how these things just mysteriously happen ;)


  10. If you lived nearer, I'd visit and have you round to visit me as I think you are lovely.


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