G'day all!

Gosh you guys are noice to me! Such sweeties out there. :-) It seems I am not the only introverted knitblogger - !!!!! (note the sarcasm - extraverts are out there ramming their knitting and spinning and dyeing down the throats of others not just blogging about it.)

It's been hot here. Hot and yucky. I used to love hot weather but it seems as I get older, I prefer it to be hmm under 30 degrees (that would be about mid-80s?). I ended up having to go to Brandon Park (shopping centre = mall, but malls to us mean open air shops with a road where cars technically can't drive) this afternoon cos it is air conditioned there. Air conditioning is nice. It is cool. Ahhhh.... OK it helps drive climate change but like what doesn't?

Cos it is hot, I'll show you a nice woollen sock cos it is soooooooo what I don't want to wear. This is the last sock in the 2006 STR sock club installment. It is a Sivia Harding design called Winter's Eve. I knitted it in the smaller size on larger needles cos I don't have a circ of the right length for magic loop in anything smaller than a 2.5mm needle.

The colourway is Mustang Sally. The beads are fake haematitite. I knitted this sock in two days. I was totally on fire - I knitted 3 socks between Christmas and New Year. No none of the are pairs of any other sock (see previous post). I got very tired of reverse stocking stitch (we don't call it stockingette here) - most of the top half of the sock is purl stitches. Grumperina's cabling without a cable needle tutes were very helpful. I honestly had never twigged it was that easy....

So Winter's Eve was the last completed sock before New Year. The chocolate sock was finished a little later.

As a little treat, all the sock club members got a present with the last mailing - a rare gem - a one off skein. This is mine - it is the colours of a pheasant I think. Not really me but like I am not going to say no to STR!

Last week Nathan and I made the grand trek halfway across town to BAAG. It is *the* best general nursery in Melbourne. On the way we stopped at a nature reserve (yep, a nature reserve in the middle of suburbia) and discovered a different world, the world of Bolin Bolin billabong. Admittedly a weedy world but how's the serenity as we walked away from the road. It was lovely. There are huge old river red gums overhanging billabongs (oxbow loops of river that have been cut off from the river when it finds a new course) and it is quiet and green and wonderful (except when a blasted tree branch leaps out and snags your brand new skirt and PUTS A HOLE IN IT but the skirt only cost $5 so it isn't too bad).

This is one branch of a massive old redgum. Beautiful trees, a little treacherous cos they do drop limbs without warning, but beautiful trees. Wonderful wood too. A rich red, often with interesting features in it. Very popular furniture wood, very heavy though so a solid redgum dining table will weigh a good hundred kilograms.

Now with regard to my free postage offer at my shop? On stuff over $30 it is going to cost pretty much the same for free postage as if I say 20% off everything in my shop. I need money (I coughed up for the 2007 sock club even though it cost $$$ and I am jobless) and you really want some yarn (pretty please you want some yarn?). If the weather stops being so stinking hot I'll be more productive and get some more pics up with more yarn - I have more sock yarn to put on the shop and more laceweight and lots more sport and DK weight.

BTW, I started another sock today. I dyed some yarn the other day that NOONE ELSE can have, it is MINE, ALL MINE my precioussses and found a pattern in a Barbara Walker and oh boy, I love it to bits. And I spun some silk and it is so yummy! Why haven't I spun silk before?



  1. Oh that sock is beautiful and the cabling without the needles scares the willies out of me even though it looks very safe in the tutorial!!

  2. Gorgeous sock!! Actually, you were pretty lucky with your "Rare Gem" - I saw someone who got pea green and grey. Ewwwwww.

  3. This new blogger is driving me nuts,it won't recognise my google sing in here so I have to retype post after going through to new page showing my google account,grrrrr
    Anyway I was going to say I love that new sock though all that purling would drive me mad,is it scratchy like some of the others?
    I am pretty sure I will not be joining that club now,I will stick to those I know!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful sock! Funny because I just saw that over on Yarn Harlot today too! Anyway, thanks for the Christmas wishes and I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well!!!

  5. Hey Lynne,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I'm currently eyeing off a wheel on ebay and I've tried contacting the guild to no avail.

    Also, thank you for linking to the cabling without the needle. That is very useful!


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