In case you thought I was perfect

G'day all!

Hooray, back online - we've had licorice allsorts recent - we didn't get affected by a blackout that took half of the state's power out but we had no phone and no net on Wednesday arvo/evening, then Nathan accidentally added our cable modem to the list of blocked sites on his server, which I use for my picture hosting, and it would not let me log in strangely enough, being blacklisted and all.... no picture hosting means no pics for the blog.

Anyway, I was happily knitting away the other day, finishing the main part of a Fetching for me. I had put this particular mitt away before Christmas cos I didn't need presents for me - I needed them for other people!

Here is the mitt, less the thumb.

Can you see something rather odd about the thumb insertion point? (it is to the left of the pic)

Take a closer look:

Yep, there are TWO! One in green and one in pink. LOL

Next - we go for a drive on a rainy day - yes, we had a rainy day! Only 20mm (less than an inch) but beggars can't be choosers!



  1. LOL - the two-thumbed mitt, for someone VERY special...

  2. Ok, this cracks. me. up. I'm glad I'm not the only sometimes absent-minded knitter, heheh. Besides having two-thumb capabilities, those are very cute!!


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