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G'day all!

I got another parcel in the mail yesterday. I love parcels (btw, we would *REALLY* like to know who sent the cook book - noone has fessed up to it so far).

Before Christmas, I was cruising Etsy and found Spindlemaker, an Aussie woodturner who makes spindles. Hooray! I've been lusting after various creations made in the USA but a spindle costing USD40 plus USD20 in postage makes a spindle costing over 80 Aussie dollars and that is just not worthwhile. It would have to be one seriously hot spindle, a Moosie or something.

So looky what I got at less than half of that - a beautiful Tassie myrtle beech whorl with Tassie huon pine shaft (BTW, no huon pines are logged these days - I am told the wood is reclaimed from the forest floor in small amounts, small amounts mainly cos the areas where it grows are extremely rugged. Tasmanian myrtle beech is not a beech at all, but is logged. Selected logs show the lovely red colouring and are used for fine furniture and wood turning. Please don't get me started on the way the trees are logged cos we will be here for several days....)

*and* another whorl, this one in myrtle burl. Isn't the burl pretty? I love burl. So interesting.

The single whorl spins well but if I stick the other whorl up underneath it and start plying, it just spins and spins and spins! Much better than my toy wheel spindles (the best of which I gave away) or my CD spindle.

In other news, I've been playing in the dyepot again (I've gone such pretty colours!). These ones are old - I was digging through my yarn box making sure I had pics of the whole lot of yarn that will go up on the yarn website and these two sock yarns came to my attention. I am not putting them on the yarn site at this stage because they are almost impossible to get a good picture of.

This first one is a merino tencel blend. See the sheen on it? I describe the colours as wine-like, for want of better descriptor. It has mauve, brown, purple, plum and reddish tones running through it.

The closeup is probably more representative of the true colours. It tends to change in different lights.

It cost a bomb to get here, and my costs are passed on to you, so I have to ask $30 for it.
NOW SOLD!! Sorry, I only have one more hank of merino tencel and it is all MINE!

Then there is the self patterning sparkling sea sock yarn - it is sea greens and turquoises with very little blue despite the picture (which has been Gimped to hell and back to get it sorta vaguely right looking).

This one is $18 for the two balls of yarn, about 360m, 80% wool, 20% nylon, wears like iron, feels like softest merino (excellent for baby clothes but can only be machine washed in cold water).

Time for a walk. It is horridly smokey here again - the fires in the mountains are still not out because it hasn't rained often enough to put them out - but we need our evening walk to discuss what happened today. On my part, not much - I went for a walk with intent of undertaking a Grand Public Transport Tour of the South-Eastern Suburbs (ie I walked to Springvale to catch a bus but found out the busses only run once an hour to where I wanted to go and you can guess when the next one ran.... Why catch a bus? Cos then I am chauffeur driven! I can knit, read, look out the window, ignore the traffic (and hopefully the smelly that just got on), etc, etc). Maybe another day.



  1. I agree with the don't get me started!! Don't get me started!! I was teaching down the west coast in the early 80s through the dam protests. That was fun....
    Very nice spindle though I have little real idea how it works: I have seen things on TV but that's all!!
    There's not very far you can go on a bus here. Our only public transport is the bus and the timetables are not user friendly. I saw some smoke from fires had gone all the way to Canberra!!

  2. Oooh, pretty pretty spindle! I love burl too, it just makes for such lovely patterned wood pieces. And I can't believe how lovely that Merino-Tencel blend is. You are sorely tempting my knitting-from-stash heart!!

  3. Love the spindle, I have been looking at them myself recently ...

    The purply merino-tencel is just gorgeous!

  4. The spindle is loooovely!!

    And the yarn is gorgeous too!!


  5. I almost fell of the stashalong wagon when I saw that purpley yarn. Luckily you've already sold it.

    Your spindle is very pretty :)


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