A drive on a rainy day

G'day all!

On Saturday, Nathan and I decided to go for a nice drive to get out of the house and indeed the city. After a while urban life becomes grating and we need to get away even just for a few hours. Nathan had had his second interview with a large overseas company and was not sure he had done well. So we got in the car and I headed for the hills. Nathan has difficulty driving my little car - he barely fits in the passenger seat and adding pedals to the mix just makes it harder, so I tend to drive whenever we go places. If we have Nathan's dad's car, Nathan drives - it is good practice for him and I get lots of knitting done :-)

The sky was a bit threatening but hey, we needed to get out and about.

We ended up in a favourite location - Warburton.

We wandered along the banks of the Yarra. It looks very pretty (and we need to ignore the weeds when we wander along the paths cos noticing them spoils the prettiness). I'll let you admire the prettiness.

The boy decided he needed to do a little dancing in the rain

and I am not really superimposed on this picture. I did sidle out onto the slippery-looking rocks very carefully. I have the bad habit of savagely attacking my coccyx by finding rocks to try to break it with (I am pleased to say once I did break one rock with my backside!), though that is usually when I am on holidays with Nathan's mob.

We found a really hippy house that we thought was fantastic.

(excuse the vague fuzziness - it really started raining as we tried to get pics) All the main beams are painted, there's the ?buddhist? eye stuff happening all over it - cool, huh?

The clouds began getting quite serious and settled down on the tops of the surrounding mountains for a good long rain. As long as the catchments (about 20km north and east of Warburton) copped some, I am happy!



  1. nice job pasting those two pics together. in bloglines it shows up as one pic with a blue line through the rock!

    i actually watched the weather channel one day where they were talking about melbourne weather, and i spotted the yarra! i was so excited, i practically yelled, i know lynne, she lives there! my husband looked at me like i was insane, lol. he doesn't get the whole internet friend thing. (of course, he works outside the home, too)

  2. I envy your country to walk in,ours is lovely but a bit risky as people around here just let their bitey dogs go in the bush and you never know when they will pop up on the raod and some will attack...
    Hope you are getting lots of rain!!!!

  3. Lovely scenery - and that house is very cool!

  4. Isn't the rain great! Our lawn has already shot up green bits which we haven't seen for quite a while.

    That's some house all right. I agree, it certainly looks like it's hippie-built. Amazing.

  5. Lynne, I am determined to get to your part of the world someday. Don't make up the guest bed just yet, but I just love how very different everything is from up here to down there. The terrain, the climate, the seasons, even the day/night thing. Too cool.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Given that it's hovering around zero (F) here these days, it's nice to see a change.

  6. Three cheers for that rain! Lovely pics and I want a brolly like yours :-D I attacked my coccyx just before Christmas by falling on the stairs, not amusing! Playing on slippery rocks is not big and not clever, missy :-D

  7. The Yarra looks very beautiful. I really like the hippie house and your umbrella.

  8. I love your trips :) That hippy house is brilliant. We have the same umbrella at work x


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