A class, a class!

G'day all!

I am off to a weekend of learning about carding and spinning and stuff. I've never done a proper class in spinning (or knitting for that matter, or dyeing). I'll be doing blending for colour, worsted spinning, light and fluffy woollen spinning and plying. Each class in 2 hours long and they only allow 1/2 hour for lunch, which for me is waaay short since I either have to drive to get lunch or heat something up. Yes, microwaves are quick to heat stuff but I tend to find they don't heat evenly and much stirring and cussign is required, then they are too hot to eat for 10 minutes... I won't eat stuff that is only mouth warm - it has to be heated properly.

Peeve and chocolatetrudi gave the classes to me as a birthday present. Thanks, chaps! Twil be interesting! Wish I knew what I have to take with me though - my hand carders? My spinning wheel?

Have you been having one of *those* days? I certainly have. Little niggling annoying things - a lack of energy, lack of inspiration, going out to get certain items and not being able to buy them (one of which means I have to find an alternate source of cat food since I can't have the things starving - they would drive me INSANE(R)). An old lady walking around me as I queued and plonking her stuff on the counter to be served. She said she didn't see me - am I chopped flarn these days or some weird sales display? A place saying the plants I picked up were only 25% off not 50% off despite what the sign said. I said I would not take the plants today. Stupid people on the roads doing 65kmh in an 80 zone. I went and found me a 60 zone to drive in just so all those stupid people who do 65 everywhere, no matter whether it is a 50 60 70 or 80 zone, could drive up my clacker cos I wanted to piss them off instead of me being pissed off.

I reallllly wanted to buy something. Almost anything but since I was already disgruntled, I could not find something I really wanted to buy that was cheap enough for me to buy (I did nearly buy a bag of yarn to dye up but it was just out of my price range, though I might end up buying it anyway). Finally I found a little tiny windchime that has a bead and resin dragonfly at the top and the most annoying tingly shrill set of fairy chimes. It really felt like exactly the right thing to buy. When it stops chiming, it feels like the world is a much emptier place (though that could just be me losing a few extra tones at the top end of my hearing, or losing more hearing full stop). I think it reminds me of one of my favourite bits of music, Saint-Saen's Aquarium.

OK, I'll stop waffling. Didn't knit a stitch today. Did roughly card up some fleece that turns out to have MANY second cuts in it, even though i thought I removed them. So this spinning is going to be textured. That is my story and I'm sticking to it!



  1. Ooo, enjoy your class. I love working with fiber, I find it very relaxing.

  2. Oh, you were having a boogelly day. I ahhor people speeding. Especially when they speed past and then at the next set of red lights, there they are!!
    Have a lovely day at your class!!

  3. Waaaah - I want to come to the class too! Sounds great! Expecting a run-down.

  4. Sounds like a good class. I totally agree about the 1/2 hour lunch though.

    One of those days. Nice.

  5. Hope you have fun at the class! I'm sure there'll be more than a few shopping opportunities at the guild to make up for the 'anti-shopping forcefield' day. I've had a few of those, myself.

  6. Have fun at your class. I had one of those days yesterday too. It was infuriating.


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