G'day all!

Today was a big day for me. I went and got me a gym program! Yessirree as of Monday I will have a program in the gym! I will build my poor shoulders up and get my body back (no, I don't know who stole it or where it has been all these years I've not been going to the gym).

I am totally whacked out now. Or maybe I am whacked out cos I ate something that may be dodgy for me. Anyway, my head is spinning and my gut is sad and I just want to sit down and not do much.

We've had some rather warm weather again but a cool, dry, change blew through this morning and it is currently a very pleasant 24 degrees C. I like 24 C. It is one of my favourite temperatures.

Oddly I have not been doing much knitting recently. I think I am so spoilt for choice that I don't know what to do. I've started a mate to one of the lonely socks but didn't get far into it before going to the gym. I knitted a cosy for the camera from some of my earlyish handspun. Hot pink and bright orange stripes in a yarn that could be described as rustic only it is missing the hay and other vegetable matter. I've been spinning some fleece that I see as being as rough as b*ggary but I had dyed it a very pretty aqua so I figure I should knit and felt it into something for the cats. I can't wear prickly wool but the cats will most likely love it. I am contemplating just plain felting the washed wool, stuff this spinning bizzo!

One (not very amusing for Blue Moon Fiber Arts) amusing thing is that my sock club membership has been refunded. Why? Cos the Blue Moon's bank thought they were scamming people and returned all the money! LOL Noone would ever pay for a sock club membership would they? Blue Moon have changed banks and have to do it all over again (as do I). I rather feel for them.

We've had some noisy friends visiting next door's pear trees. These are rainbow lorikeets, whose range has extended massively in the last 10 or so years. We used to have to go to Queensland to see them but they've been regulars in Melbourne (1000 miles away from Queensland) since no later than 2000. They are technically nectar feeders, but you can see what they are up to here. Naughty devils, but there are plenty of pears left even after the possums have had a go at them too.

We almost got a sunset here last night. Yes, the sun did set but to get a pretty sunset you need clouds.

It rounded off what was a very interesting day for both Nathan and me. We'll see what comes of it later.



  1. I love Australian birds. I have a small flock of Lady Gouldian finches. All the lovely birds are just one thing among many for an American to envy about Australia. :)

  2. I hope you are feeling better. It has been very hot here, how we long for 24 C too!! Iread about the sock/bank debacle!! The bank shot itselves in the foot really!!!

  3. Love the pics of the 'Lorries' - where did you hear about them being new to Vic ? That's quite different from what I've heard.

    As for banks, though I've not read the details, it sounds like they're assuming their own customer guilty until proven innocent.


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