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G'day all!

Does anyone local(ish) want to knit a chemo cap in memory of Marta? If you do, let me know and I'll giv eyou my addy so it can go to say the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

To keep you occupied whilst I am:
a) dyeing more yarn
b) killing an Argentine ant infestation*
c) pondering what to do and
d) stuffing about with some fleece to see how it spins up and the best way to spin it (so far the tender grey fleece needs to be woollen spun - it is like iron if worsted-spun)

I shall leave you some links, not one of which is a knitting link I think (I'm a poet, etc, etc)

David Eddings tried to burn his office down and darned near succeeded. Ooops.

A newish fibre newsletter site (I hope it displays better on your page - maybe you have an enormously wide monitor or a very high res screen).

A most amazing discovery - maybe cancer is caused by altered cell metabolism....

One of my favourite pics of Comet McNaught (you B5 fans out there should be able to tell why!) You can find more pics here - gosh there are some nice ones! Ah one day we will have a camera that can take good night shots.

Oh, a knitting link! I stole this from someone but I can't remember who. It is on decreases. THere's plenty more tips and videos on that site - look around! I bet everyone else already knows all about it ;-)

What if 42,000 Americans died in terrorist attacks? How about that many in cars each year?

This is my sort of ping pong! I've never been good at it so that table should be a help!


*Argentine ants are introduced and the bluggers are extremely annoying. They form super colonies with many queens. They get into the house and raid the sticky stuff (jam, honey, sugar, biscuits, etc), they'll also enjoy the odd bit of meat and they attack native ants. We have at least three species of native ant on our block and we do not want them killed off cos we accidentally brought AAs with us when we moved.


  1. I love the idea of knitting a couple of chemo caps in memory of Marta.
    Do you have a pattern in mind?
    Just let me know the details and I'll dive into my stash and start knitting.

  2. What was Eddings thinking??? Glad he is OK!! Good luck with the ants!!

  3. Good grief - that gasoline incident was a pretty severe lapse in judgment...

  4. I'll knit a chemo cap. Let me know what's required (I didn't know anyone was doing them in Oz - can I donate to my local hospital?) As I'm on Stashalong, I'll be a while before I get started, but I will do it!

  5. You should go check out JenLa's post today

  6. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Can I Ask What This Is All About.Im Interested:)


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