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My lord, I bring new news!

Just a quick update tonight. Thanks to everyone who has replied about the wheel problem.

I have played muchly with the wheel. Thanks to a quick trip to Wondo's in Tooronga, I now have a genuine ashford spring for the scotch tension, a new bobbin and even an orifice hook (I couldn't find any wire of decent weight here that could fit through the orifice). It does spin but I need to oil it. I haven't oiled it yet. Bad me. Apparently I have to use 30 grade motor oil. I'll have to see if you can get teensy ones, otherwise I'll have to order some. They didn't seem to have any at the handweaver's and spinner's guild today. Thanks to the guild, I now have two extra bobbins for a very reasonable price plus some more rovings. THis means I have more stuff to play with and a hope of plying stuff - I plied up a bit of stuff last night by winding about half a bobbin onto a book. ack. Not very easy!

I have pictures but no time tonight - Tuesday are currently for crafting at a friend's place. So hopefully tomorrow!

Have a good one! :-)


  1. What wondrous news. Glad you got the spring and new bobbins for your Traddy. They are nice little wheels.

    As for oil, you can use any lightweight oil. Sewing machine oil will work if you have some about. I've also used WD40 on my wheels in a pinch. Anything to shut that squealing up. You probably want to invest in one of those oil bottles with a needle nose applicator. It makes it so much easier to get to all the good parts and should be available in most hardware stores.

    Enjoy your new wheel!


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