Or should that be fleeced?

G'day all!

On the way home from our lovely little break in Thredbo, we visited Beechworth. Beechworth is notable for a number of reasons, but my main reason for visiting the town is to go to La Blanche, with its many flavours of gluten free gelati (and icecream, for those who can have dairy products). We wander into La Blanche (there is a bigger shop in Bright) and have a bit of a chat with the chap who runs the shop, choose our "poison" (Nathan likes frappes) and wander off quite happily gutsing ourselves. After 10 minutes of freezing my mouth I often wonder why I do it.

This time I decided that I also had to look at the Ardent Alpaca. They stock fleeces and yarn, and when we wandered into the shop, it seemed like they stock a lot of old lady clothes as well - you know the type I mean, beautifully made, fine yarns, classic design, etc, but nothing I would be caught dead in. The fleece and yarn room was a little hidden in the corner, but I eventually found it, fought my way past the ladies trying on alpaca wraps as gifts for other people ("if she doesn't like neutrals, she won't wear it!") and fondled some beautiful yarns. I hummed and harred over them, but decided what I really needed was some tops. Very nice tops too. Some alpaca/merino mixes for about $20 and then there were the alpaca/silk mixes for somewhat more, like about $50? Then I looked at the raw fleeces - little sample bags of them. Oooh, err! Chocolate, rust, white, grey, a weird one with rust tips and salt and pepper fleece. Well, after a bit more humming and harring, Nick, the proprietor of the Ardent Alpaca, brought out some more of the prettiest fleeces. The fleeces are between 18-24 micron. The salt and pepper rust one is called rose grey/roan apparently. Cost a bomb, but nyeh. Do you want to see a pic?

Of course you do!

rose grey fleecey goodness rose grey fleecey goodness

It will occupy me for some time to come, though it has only taken a couple of days to wash all the fleece.
fleece drying in the sun

Ah, here is my knitting content for the day too:


the ahem blocked scarf

Yes, the Boobie Scarf, as featured in Knitty autumn special. I knitted it in Zara, in a nice hot pink/magenta colour. Very high stitch definition, which could be a bad thing. Note the way I have barber's poles on one side of each stitch and separate stitches on the other leg of the stitch. My MIL knew not what to make of it. I didn't follow the pattern very well cos Zara is a different weigh to that recommended and it would've been about 10cm wide - too narrow for a scarf IMO! Not that we are having weather for scarves at present, since it is summer....



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