A miracle! FOs

G'day all!

Yes, I have finished objects! A miracle! I don't think I've ever reported a finished object on this blog apart from Tassin's bag.

Unmiraculously I don't have pics cos now that I am at my leisure, we've had thunderstorms and quite a deal of cloud cover and I can't get decent shots of my little pink bolero and Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy is made out of the yarn I raved about earlier this week. She had to take a back seat to the bolero cos I really need that at work.

So I have already beaten last year's record of no finished garments! (unless you count about 50 scarves and three hats) And maybe by tomorrow arvo I will have managed to full the bag I just finished and the little swatch of a new woolen yarn I picked up today.

Hopefully pics tomorrow or Sunday. Lotsa pics - I had a big whoopsie at evil Lincraft today. They have 30% off everything in store until Sunday. So get to Lincraft you Aussies and you too could be rolling in yarn and material and crafty bits and habydashery.....

More stuff about me

We haven't done this for a while, so I figured I should dredge up a bit more stuff. Blow numbering anything - I cna't remember what I was up to and I am too lazy to look it up.


I've always loved stuff about the stars. I know a few of the major constellations by sight, though when I went to the northern hemisphere, I had real difficulties recognising any of the stars. They all looked WRONG! It doesn't help that we are far enough south to not see all the great northern stars. I only recognised Cassiopeia and she is not very visible from Melbourne (38 degrees south) at the best of times. Then again, those much further north than us can't see the Southern Cross at all times of the year, yet the Cross is one of the symbols of Australia.

My interest in the stars overflowed into what I watched on the TV and the books I devoured. Any scifi show related to space was certainly on the menu. I've already mentioned Star Trek. Heh. No TOS required, there was only one then. Blake's 7 gobsmacked me. It was Required Viewing on a
Friday night. I almost cried when Zen died. Avon was the hottest thing not on the planet, and I wanted to be able to wear gowns like Servalan's though I was only asomewhere between 11 and 14. What a hot chick, no umm lady is wrong cos she was'nt, umm help - I have no word to describe Servalan!

The 80s and 90s became dead zones for Sci Fi telly for me. None of the shows grabbed me by the throat and made me watch them. Not until a friend invited me around to watch some Babylon 5. Oh my word. This was the best show on TV that I had seen in ages. I watched three or four selected
episodes and was hooked. I had to see more. I had to get videos from England and the USA cos we were two seasons behind.

My hallway is decorated with my trophies. I have pictures of me with (or signed pics of) most of the main cast of B5 dotted all over the walls. Those of you who live in England or the US will say so what? For us in Oz, getting to see the actors is like the second coming. It doesn't happen very often. ;-) Plus it costs a bundle and you have to travel to Sydney. What it translates into is that you end up paying a goodly week's salary on your travel and accommodation expenses plus the con fee and then you have to shell out more to get signatures and souvenirs/pictures/etc. It ends up being very expensive, and can be very exciting or disappointing, depending on the attitude of the person you meet. I have some links to some of my con stuff here. Excuse the busted bits - I have not maintained it for two or three years.

I met some of my best friends through the B5 newsgroups and clubs. I had regular conversations with probably 10-15 people in 1997-8. Seven years down the track I am still in contact with a handful of them. The net is a wonderful thing. How else could I talk so easily with people around the world?



  1. Spotlight (if you have one near you) has 50% off some of their yarns. Some really nice Patonyle, Angora Supreme, Babino Marino and that sort. I am hoping to finish my yarn diet soon to get back in there and get some..Dunno if all those are available all over Aussie. Tassie seems to have a HUGE range of yarn compaired to the Qld Spotlighs from what I have been told.


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