G'day all!

Some of you will know what/who Lincraft is. Others won't.

Lincraft is the local material, sewing supplies, and general craft shop. They jump on bandwagons quite happily and have a much greater range of yarns than they had four years ago.

Evil evil Lincraft are starting to stock their winter range of yarns (nb it is going to be 37 degrees C here tomorrow and Wednesday, or nearly 100 in the old measure - perfect weather for knitting, not!).

I went to buy a ball of

cheap black wool

for my (to be) fulled

striped black and sea colours bag

as I had nearly run out of the black yarn. Cosy Wool is $3 a ball and is a rough, cheap 100% wool that I would never wear anywhere near my skin. It is even rough to knit with. But it fulls like a champion.

I had ideas that I might get the bag mostly done tonight.

Can you believe that I had to buy these as I had none of them?

8mm needles

so I can make a bolero like this Crystal Palace Yarns one, only without the Trio yarn and with two strands of cotton instead. I really need a little jacket to wear at work when the air con gets over-excited. I have had lots of problems finding a little cardi/bolero.

Only problem was that I found this:

hot pink and mauve eyelash yarn

And now I don't want to knit anything I should be knitting, like the button band for the blue cardi or the sari-along or the thrummed mitten or even the bag. Nope I want to be knitting this lovely long eyelash yarn up into the most gobsmacking scarf you e'er did see!

three inch eyelashes

I also saw this little cutie on a rose flower - he was very shy and ran away after the first slightly fuzzy shot. praying mantis on a favourite rose



  1. LOVE that eyelash yarn! Gorgeous colour too!



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