Hottie! Australia Day

G'day all!

If only I were talking about me when I say hottie! But no, we are in for a hot one today and I am talking entirely about the weather. 36 today, to join yesterday's 36. And I ain't talking fahrenheit either.....

Heh. I've just read about Bruce the Fish on the Yarnharlot's blog. Bruce is a good Australian name. So we divert for a moment...

In honour of it being Australia Day, let me recite this poem, adapted stolen from the Monty Python Crew.

"This 'ere's the waddle,
Symbol uv our land.
You can stick it in a boddle,
You can hold it in yer 'and.


Crackatube. Have a beer for us on Australia day. But none of that Foster's crap thanks - noone here drinks it. They even prefer to drink Four-ex than Foster's and that is saying something!

If you want to read a couple of my favourite Aussie poems, here's a CJ (the Den) Dennis poem Washing Day and an absolute Aussie classic by AB "Banjo" Patterson, Clancy of the Overflow. I love the way these two poems flow, the metre they are in just makes them move along so well.

Going back to the Bruce the Fish episode, I have some sympathy for poor young Hank, traumatised by the fish being flushed down the toilet. When I was about 7-8, there was a spoof of "Jaws" on the "Paul Hogan Show." Hoges was an icon of Aussieness back then. His show was very funny except for when it got filthy. We would probably be aghast at it now though.

Anyway, "Mullet" was not about hair cuts but about a mullet fish that swam through the sewers. It would swim up into toilet bowls. It had VERY large teeth. Need I be any more explicit? After watching the ongoing episodes of Mullet, I became convinced that it really did exist and if I did not flush and sprint as hard as I could out of the toot, it would get me.... LOL!

In knitting news, I have been madly working on the little jacket from CPY. Current indications are that it will be BRILLIANT! It is white and pink and has frou frou feather yarn edges. I might have it done for tonight's SNB - this is a really quick knit!



  1. I had a bit of a laugh at the demise of poor Bruce the fish. It was a hot one yesterday wasnt it?
    When my eldest was about 4 we had two fish. One died and we flushed it..She waited eagerly for the other one to die to flush taht one too!!

  2. Anonymous3:16 am

    Mullet ... mullet ...
    Hoges' kind of mullet was more properly referred to as a "potty mullet" or a "blind mullet". These were also known as "Bondi cigars". That's what happens when you have a sewage outfall offshore from one of the more popular beaches.
    x Darrow

  3. Hi, in honor of Australia Day, you've been tagged! Come by my blog to see what I mean. ;)


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