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G'day all!

Let's start with some very important news. Here is my husband's new blog: Nathan's blog. Go read it, be gobsmacked by what nathan gets up to when he should be writing his PhD up. And leave him a comment cos he is feeling all left out and lonely cos noone is commenting on his blog. I know how he feels!

Does anyone remember that I am a member of the Yarnharlot's thrum-along?

Well I am.

Here is the first mitten, without a thumb. This is the third go at making a very simple mitten. It does help when you use the correct size needles.... I could not figure out why it was sooooo small on the first go.

thumbless blue thrummed mitten

You will note that whilst the patterns say put a thrum in every third stitch, I have put one in every fourth stitch.


And my hand is much too big for the mitten - this is a ladies size and whilst I like to call myself a lady, on occasion, I certainly do not have lady-size hands.

Oh well, someone will get a less well thrummed mitten! They are not much use to me here in Oz cos let's face it, the coldest it has ever been where I live is about -5C and that occurs about once in 10 years. I am contemplating sending them to Stephanie to see if she can give them to someone who needs half-thrummed mittens.

Anyway, we have to move stuff around so we can sand the floor in the study study.



  1. I've been wondering how the thrum mittens ended up, which pattern did you use to make yours? I saw these on Yarn Harlot and was intrigued, so I was absolutely thrilled to find an Austrlian knitting a pair. I'm a bit confused about the "thrums" what exactly do you make them of?


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