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G'day all!

I am well and truly back at work now. Work is not engaging me at present. It is not engaging my team mate either - she is working on designing financial training. I am looking at dispute resolution training. I think I win in the interesting stakes - at least you get to have a bit of fire when you look at disputes. Financial training is much more likely to make a person want to create a bonfire and burn the lot. I sit and daydream about playing with my lovely fleece (I am well aware that it will spin up an ugly mottled brown and white/grey colour). Some of it is quite dark and some is quite grey/salt and pepper.

darker fleece light grey fleecey goodness

Last month's craze was to write a hundred things about oneself on one's blog. I've thought about this for a while and I reckon I can string it outfor a while. It is interesting seeing what other people think is really important to reveal about themselves. For me, we'll start with the ancient past. You'll get more than 100 things in all this lot - I love a good chat!

1. I was born in Melbourne, Australia, the fourth and last child of Jack and Betty. I was the baby of the family and a sickly thing - I got every bug that went past and developed bronchial asthma at the drop of a hat. It turns out that my doctor then was a highly qualified paediatrician - Dr Duke. To me he was just the scary man with the cold stethoscope that he used to listen to my chest. Mum coddled me lots ? too much now I believe.

2. I lived in the one house for the first 25 years of my life, finally moving out when I could not stand listening to my widower father's snoring any more. That house is still Home even though I don't live there any more. Home was sold in 1998 I think.

3. I went to only two schools, Mullum Mullum Primary and Norwood High. Mullum was literally over the back fence (or through it until a tree knocked the fence and the gate down) and Norwood was right next to Mullum. I hated school. I was painfully shy and terribly bright and the other kids teased me unmercifully. My best friend was another shy, bright little blonde girl called Lynne. She had freckles and glasses. I didn't have freckles but should have had glasses. We played horsies on the school oval. One of our teachers called us the "terrible two" because we sat up the front, attended to our lessons and finished all our "homework" before everyone else had finished their class work.

4. I haven't seen Lynne since I went to high school. I had mostly outgrown my asthma by then. Mum was now the canteen manageress at the high school, so I continued to be pampered. Every lunchtime I got a hot dog, no sauce, and a hot jam ball doughnut, unless I decided that I wanted cheese Twisties instead of the doughnut. I didn't have to queue either. We'd do the major vegie shop on a Friday. The slow boy at the vegie shop called me Smilie cos he could not remember my name. His name was Kevin. Mum reminded me often that I should be nice to Kevin but it wasn't hard cos he was a nice boy, if somewhat slow. On the weekends, I'd help Mum clean the canteen from top to bottom, rather than the usual mopping and bench cleaning it got every day.

5. I passed my HSC with lower marks than I should've. Like lots of bright kids I did not do enough study. I was failing English at October tests ? I had never ever failed anything before. Up until October tests, all the English essays I wrote were marked by my teacher, who had taken an intense dislike to me. I ended up getting 69% for English - thank heavens that the exams then
counted for more than your own teacher's assessment!

6. I had applied to do physiotherapy but only got the marks to do Science at Monash University. I didn't want to go to Monash cos when we did an orientation day there via school, Monash had stuffed up the booking and I didn't like the lack of organisation. Still, the best thing ever happened for me at Monash. I found GEEKS and NERDS just like me! Ok, so it took until second year for me to really find some friends but joining FOME and MURP was really really good for me. I finally was surrounded by kids like me. Kids who were bright, who loved science fiction and fantasy, who liked being silly. Kids who did not really care what others thought of them, who ran around in cloaks and daggy clothes. Not like the Greeks with their big hair and image conscious bodies and outfits. We ran amok, in a fairly genteel sort of way, and came out of our shells.

7. I did not talk to boys from the age of nine until nineteen. My beloved friend down the road started ignoring me cos I was a girl and two boys had moved into the house between us. I had thought I would end up marrying Peter, but it was not to be. Instead I was too shy to talk to
boys until I hit second year uni and met Michael. Michael was the first love of my life. He was the first boy I ever kissed (and that is a story in itself). He was wild and amazingly clever and bold and brash, and then went home to New Zealand. I absolutely adored him although on occasion he embarrassed me with his amazing enthusiasm. I regret not following him there but if I had, I would not have experienced so many other things, and chaps ;-) I carried a torch for him for 10 years after I cruelly dumped him for a boy who would say that he loved me. So there was Michael,
Andrew, Ian, Zik and Nathan. Andrew would say he loved me. Ian captured my heart when this quiet, sad looking kid flashed a big smile. He was only 17 and I was in honours. Zik had an amazing intensity. Nathan was the only guy in FOME who had the guts to introduce himself to a woman somewhat older than he was. I have never gone out with a man older than me.

OK that will do for the time being. You know lots about me already!

Here's another sample of a flower from the back yard. Some of the Nigella (love in the mist) have come out half white. Pretty cute, eh?
white and blue Nigella



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