Good blogger!

G'day all!

Today I am a good blogger. You wanna see why?

Here's a really bad pic of the blue cardi. (mental note to self - get DH to take pics of garments if I am modelling them - it is hard to take pics of oneself and I hate using the bathroom mirror to do so - no natural light)

blue cardi half sleeved and half finished

As you can see, it only has one sleeve and it is quite breezy on one side. LOL!

I am still spindling away - here is what I made last week. Some lovely alpaca all spun up and ready (almost) to go - gotta set the twist yet. It is very badly arranged on the spindle but I was really struggling to get the plied yarn to fit on the spindle - next time I'll use a bigger spindle for plying. There is over 60m of yarn on that spindle. I may well dye it.

whie alpaca yarny goodness

BTW, that is our newly sanded and tung oiled floor in the background. The colour is really a somewhat lighter than it appears in the photo..

This is the lacy wrap um poncho um whatever it is that I am knitting out of some yarn from Marta, along with a closeup that does not really show the little plastic butterfly beads very well at all.
wrap poncho thingie spot the butterfly beads

I am participating in the I'm so sari along , with an elite group of ladies (there's only a handful of us). I've been trying to find a use for two skeins of sari silk I bought. I am quite quickly ascertaining that I don't like knitting with it. This is me, who knits with any novelty yarn you can pick and is happy doing so. But the sari silk is overspun, dirty, really rough on your hands.... I feel sorry for the ladies in Nepal or wherever who have to spin the stuff. I get the feeling they are dealing with the scraps that are swept off a dirt floor, their hands must get roughed up pretty badly by the scraps and yarn they spin.... I bought mine on the net, so I didn't get a chance to feel it or pick out the colours I like. Here's a pic of my scarf, which is somewhat longer now.
prettiness in a rough package

For all that it is not nice to knit, it is quite nice to look at.

Let's move away from the knitting and spinning for a moment to bring you an update on Summer here in Melbourne.

Here's some of my corn (can you see that the lettuce are imitating the corn and climbing for the sky too?). This is the tallest corn I have ever grown and is nothing to that I saw in Wisconsin in 1999.
corn heading for the sky

And a Royal Gala apple ripening on the tree - this is its biggest apple ever!
yummy gala apple

And the STRAWBERRIES! OK, so I could only get a few in the picture but we have STRAWBERRIES!
luscious almost ripe strawberries
I don't know why I am so excited about them - I only like eating them when they are smushed up in something else.

I've got some more bits and pieces to share, but these can wait. Don't want to spoil you now, do I? ;-)



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