Imagine a blue cardi here

G'day all!

I am such a bad blogger. I don't have pics of the blue cardi yet. But that is ok, cos it is a blue cardi without the left sleeve and the button bands, so it isn't really finished yet.

The cardi is looking good, I have to say. The square top on the sleeve shoulder is causing a minor bit of grief but I can deal - the grief is on the back side and I only see that if I bend myself oddly to look in the mirror.

I got some prices on spinning wheels today. $900. Ouch. I think that they are a little beyond my price range at this stage. I am going to have to save up to get a new one. Even second hand ones cost $500 in the Trading Post. Except for the two I just found, only the people won't answer their phones. So if anyone knows of a good wheel cheap, let me know. I've got about 1600g of alpaca to spin up and at my current rate of about 50g a week, this is going to keep me busy for a loooooooong time! Plus there are such luscious rovings and tops out there....

So bad me, no pics again. But soon! Soon! You will be bored witless looking at pictures ofthe blue cardi and the newly sanded and oiled floors.

More stuff about me. I know I am boring you witless cos you just are not leaving any comments at all. Like if I get one comment a week, I feel I am doing reallllly well!

23. I got a high IIa in my honours degree. This means I did not get first class honours but I did better than I had ever done in any subject since about year 11 at school. Mum would've been proud but she had died six months earlier. I am surprised that I did as well as I did.

24. One thing I really liked about working at Social Security was that I moved from a city branch to a local branch only 15 minutes ride on my bike away from home. Every morning I could drive down if the weather was bad or make the dash on my bike. I loved that bike. It was my first real bike with hand-brakes and 21 gears. It fitted me so well. I have never had another bike like it.

25. My bike was in the back of my previous beloved Falcon (car) when that car got stolen 7 years ago. Neither was recovered.

26. For want of a real job outside of Social Security, I decided to pursue a PhD. I thought Mum would like that. Mebbe she would've. Anyway, Mum, this one was for you.

27. My PhD has been both boon and curse. I struggled and clawed my way through it and survived. That really surprised me. I had grown a whole heap since I was a newbie at uni. Now I am waaay overqualified for any job except university lecturing. I have a range of wonderful skills but I think the terrible letters PhD make many places scared of me. "Ohmigod she is too bright and will get bored working here." Heh. You try doing a PhD, sonny-jim, and see how bored and frustrated and sick of it you get! You get stuff all money and a helluva lot of abuse and woe. The PhD taught me exactly how far I would go to achieve something I wanted to achieve.

28. The biggest hurdle in a PhD is yourself. It is not the work or your supervisor, it is YOU. How far will you go? What will you give up to achieve this qualification? How pig-headed are you?

29. My PhD granted me courage, strength and self-esteem. I used to be terrified of public speaking. I found that I could stand up in front of an audience of 200 people and give a talk without being so terrified that I got stage fright and lost my voice. Why? Well they did not know what I was talking about so I had to teach them the value of my work. That was daunting but exciting. I learned to take the negative part of fear and make it work for me, make it a positive, exciting force. When I was young, there were times I thought that I was worthless, yet I found worth in simply being me. I was as good as the next person. I was not a shy, frightened child anymore. I had finally grown into me. Only took 30 years.

30. Still didn't mean that I knew what I wanted to do.

Enough for today!



  1. Lynne, check out eBay - I bought my wheel a month ago for $AU105. There's a few on there now, but they generally go for less than $200!

  2. I completely hear you on #27. I have a J.D. and in my book, that's nowhere near as impressive as your PhD. Congratulations on that. Its quite an accomplishment. My problem was that early in law school, I decided that law wasn't for me. My undergrad work was in history and political science. Excellent prelaw majors, but terrible for commercial applications. I finished law school, but then was faced with the same attitudes that you've gotten. You're overqualified. But this isn't a law office. Never mind. You'll be bored here I can't hire you because I can't take the chance that I'll need to find someone six months down the road when you've discovered you're bored and move on. Feh. I finally got someone to take a chance and have finally moved beyond the JD. I actually buried the legal stuff in my resume, but that has its own risks as there was a curious 3 year period that was covered by one entry. I wish you luck!

    Also, good luck in acquiring a decent price used wheel. Wheel spinning v. spindle is night and day. I do both, but greatly prefer the wheel.


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