Adelaide sky

G'day all!

Beautiful day here in Adelaide. Peoples are snoozing or reading books and YIKES,I am standing outside getting bitten by ants so I'll make this short...

Wanna see the blue sky?

Can you believe this tiny little post took 15 minutes to write on my phone because of blogger's insistence that pictures always go at the start of the post and there is no obvious way to cut and paste on the phone? Methinks blogger needs a bug fix and the phone needs a better way to move text around.



  1. Yes I would believe, I know that you are very savvy about these things. The sky is indeed very blue!! I hope the ants went away!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful.. hope you are having a lovely time.

  3. I officially have sky envy, it's been grey here all day!! And I can't blog at all from my iPod, it's not worth the headache!


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