In South Australia I was (not) born

Gday all!

After quite some driving and sight seeing, like ten or more hours, we finally reached South Australia.

We've seen amazing stuff, places we haven't been in years. No pics yet cos I didn't use the phone for pics, just the camera.

I was completely freaked out about an hour after dark. The car's high beam headlights picked up some brightly glowing green eyes on the road. Whatever the critter was, it started running AT the car.

YIKES! it was not a cat or a dog or a possum (oz version not an opossum). It ran in a weird bowlegged fashion and had a really wide stance.

WTF? What sort of hellspawn was coming straight at the car? Like this thing was seriously weird with its funny gait and glowing green eyes.

Just as I slammed on the brakes, cos I was going to hit it, I realised it was a koala! Walking, well running straight at the car as if it was greeting a long lost love! I stopped in such a hurry the everything in the back slid to the front....

No pics as the camera was in my bag, which was hiding under dh's seat....but it was pretty amazing! I thought the koala was going to climb up on the car but some dodo brain had left the high beam on. As soon as I turned them off, it scampered off. Maybe it was giving me a hint?

Anyway it is time for bed.



  1. Wow, that's an unusual driving encounter! Glad things ended OK for both you and the koala.

  2. Who knew koalas were so intimidating!!!

  3. Wow - the one thing I hoped to see in Oz when we visited when I was a child was a koala - you lucky thing!


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