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G'day all!

Well some good news at last. Hooray, the doc says there is nothing unusual with my innards. However, after getting my new sleeve for my slightly puffy arm, I now appear to need a gauntlet (or as knitters and crocheters would call it, a fingerless mitten) for my hand. Either that or the sleeve is a leetle tight for me. My hand puffs up when I put the sleeve on and things get a little tingly in my fingers.

Thank you to those of you putting up with my whining, and offering support (Dr Bones in particular!).

It has been an interesting week so far. On Sunday, we obtained house sitters for a month or two. On Monday night, DH had to do a sleep study. He did it at home. Wiring him up was quite a different thing to do - there were LOTS of wires. Then this morning we think he forgot to take his meds cos gosh, bear with sore head! (But oddly enough I found a copy of the Tao of Pooh this arvo and gave it to him to read and he lapped it up!)

Today I said goodbye to my workmates. I am sad to be leaving them. I will be working from Sydney but it won't be the same. I've gotten used to having people to talk to, having chats, participating in discussions. I am going to be a bit lonely in Sydney. I won't have a car, at least for the first month, and that will make it difficult to get to any meet ups. Whilst we live close to the tram, we aren't close to the train, and the tram and train tickets are totally separate (makes me think our PT system in Melbourne is wonderful - it has two zones but within the zones, you can take bus, train or tram, all on the one ticket). Nathan's work friends are lovely but some of them are young enough to be my kids.

I am getting closer to having the place nice for house sitters, and having all the stuff I need to take to Sydney with me. You would not believe how much paperwork I have to take (but you might believe how much stuff I am getting rid of! How does it build up so fast?). Oh, yeah, plus the stuff I accidentally left in Helmet, the car. Ooops. Umm guess I'd best get out there and get it out of the car!

We are hiring a car to get up there. Helmet is staying here for the nonce until we know if we are settling there. Going up will cost probably $500 all up including food and fuel and a place to stay overnight (cos I really don't want to drive to Sydney in a day). It is about a 9-10 hour drive and I'm just not up for that any more.

I have been managing to get some knitting done. I've almost finished a cute little cardigan - I only have part of the front bands to do and then the buttons. I am working on a new shawl but it will take forever as it is relatively complicated - no great swathes of stocking stitch, just pattern pattern pattern. But it is purl all the way back after each pattern row, not lace on that side too...

I've even finished a small quilt that has been lurking for ages. I won't say it is well finished - the front looks great but the back... well the back is off centre and umm the edges look really rancid as I've created a paralellogram... Hmm. I should just make it a hanging sleeve and pretend the back doesn't exist.

But I have no pictures. I have been taking pics along the way but Oh. My. Word. No time to download and edit them. I did a few the other day but it is all go go go here, and I truly wish it had went went went....

In a week, we will be in Sydney and Nathan will be back at work (major meltdowns excepted). We will see how things go.



  1. I'm so happy things are fine with you! Saying goodbye is never easy,but it means that you are closing a cycle and starting another! New thinmgs are always welcome!Say hello to your 'new life'. Im sure that with this posive attitude towards life you have you and your DH will be much happier!!!!
    Hugs from Brasil!

  2. Glad to hear that your innards are ok and I'm sure that you will cope admirably with your imminent move - you've managed much harder moves before. Sending you a big hug xx

  3. HI Lynne,
    Glad to hear about the diagnosis.

    Don't forget the umbrella. It's been very wet this week with sudden deluges.

    You're welcome to contact me when you're unpacked etc. My transport will be pretty good and I could meet you in the city or elsewhere. A chance to get out of the house for a while.

    Hope the physical part of moving goes well.

  4. Hooray for healthy bits! And I love the Tao of Pooh (I have the Te of Piglet, too!). I hope things continue to not downwards spiral (for you both) Big zen hugs from over here!!!

  5. Good luck with your move. Wonderful to see good news with your health. Things are looking up for you, fingers, toes and eyes all crossed they stay that way ♥

  6. I've had a couple of sleep studies done and the results were rather interesting. And very helpful, as it turned out that I had two, completely separate sleep disorders, one of which needed treatment for a few months before resolving itself (after I lost all that weight) and the other one of which needs medication permanently but it works really well without side effects and I sleep much better. I hope the results are helpful for Nathan.

    Good luck with the move and everything. I did get your email but haven't had time to reply, just dump it near the front door if no-one is home, it will blend in with everything else we have hanging around in the carport preparatory to our own move!

  7. P.S. I had no idea there were trams in Sydney! Where on earth are you going to be living? I vaguely remember the trains, buses and ferries all being on the same ticket if you wanted them too, but I haven't been to Sydney for some years.

    Oh, unless youmean the Bondi tram? Does that still exist?

  8. All the best for your move to Sydney town, Lynne. I hope it is a really positive time for you.

    Happy Knitting in a warmer winter climate!

  9. Good news, apart from the tingles!! Our public transport is terrible here. I couldn't have caught buses to work even if I had wanted to: it was only 10km but the bus routes didn't intersect or connect.

  10. Good luck with the move to Sydney. Don't know Sydney well...born and bred Melbourne....must be some yarn shops somewhere!


  11. Glad to hear there is nothing terribly untoward in the medical stakes today :-)
    Best wishes for a safe, uneventful transfer of home life from Melbourne to Sydney, with happy cats and helpful house sitters :-)


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