Away away

G'day all!

Things are better now. Good, eh?

We are away for a few days, but this time we have a house sitter!

Pray for his cat - he wants to bring him around. I doubt Cheshire will like it, Cheshire being the bully and Nut the scared wussy puss.

Our house is starting to look less like a bombsite, though we still have a long way to go. However with some sanding of walls, a little more plasterboard in a couple of places, and some paint and tiles, things should look almost finished! (Except for the issue of the new kitchen cupboards, sink, etc.)

Must go get ready to take off. I've paid the bills that need to be paid, I've cleaned up a fair whack of the Stuff on the couch... dishes are yet to be done but we are getting there. Oh, gotta change the sheets on the bed and deal with my dirty washing (hahahaha). Must hide my good cast iron pan too - don't want him cooking any gluten in it. Ah the paranoia of food issues.



  1. Can gluten 'get in' to a pan, like water gets into chalk in the old Colgate ads??
    Have a nice time away and I am sure the cats will all get on. (!!!!)

  2. Hope you are having a good time!


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