Settling in

G'day all!

Well we are starting to settle in, hooray!

I haven't managed to tidy all the Stuff away yet because umm there is nowhere to tidy it to. The cupboards are a bit musty and I don't want to put my Stuff in there cos it will get musty too!

I've vacuumed and sprayed (tea tree oil) and sprinkled (bicarb) to try to reduce the musty load in the flat. It is better than it was but if I shut the place up for a day, the mustiness increases, so I guess I will have to continue vacuuming, spraying and sprinkling!

This morning I was woken up by a) a baby have a very good, loud, long whinge and b) these.

Currawongs (plus a few rainbow lorikeets) (Scuse the boring view out the kitchen window! That video was shot on the phone so you can imagine how loud the currawongs really were!)

I left behind blue skies and sunshine

(Jerusalem artichokes flowering at last - I waited six months for those flowers and they finally started a week before we left, better than a week after!)

for a most wierd few days of weather. So far in Sydney it has been low 20s (Celsius), high 20s, stormy, humid, rainy and today completely gray for the whole day with the odd bit of drizzle.

I am yet to finish this cardi - I need to find the right size needles for the remaining button band then buy some buttons! I left all my buttons in Melbourne, well except the ones already on my clothes.... Buying buttons might be an issue as I will have to make a Grand Trek to Lincraft in the city (most of an hour's walk away or a $4.40 tram ride and a walk) or go even further to find a Scroatfight.


I am working on a different, wool cardigan. It almost seems appropriate.

There are many things to talk about but I've had a long day and now?



  1. Lorelai Gilmore enjoyed the birdies' sounds!!! Glad you are settling in. Oh I hope you find some buttons, I think buttons are the most difficult part of the knitting process. It's a nice cardi!!

  2. waking up to those birds would be lovely and peaceful. good luck finishing off your cardi. wish I could knit, my mother in law declared me unteachable for knitting and she is a teacher lol.
    Good luck getting the musty smells out of the cupboards♥


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