Escapism and a big whine

G'day all!

Anyone got any suggestions for some good escapist stuff? I've found I am spending a lot of time online trying to escape from a half renovated house that has stuff everywhere. Yes I should be working on getting more of it done but y'know what?

I'm knackered (aka very tired).

I'm sick of it.

I've had enough.

I've been living with a kitchen that has a chopping board of bench space for 8 months now.

My husband has the idea that I will magically make him yummy and nutritious meals in a kitchen that he "can't stand working in." I have no idea why he thinks it is ok for me to struggle but not him! (When I ask him, he says "Because you are good at that." "Because you cope with things better than I do.")

Plus I feel totally ripped off by our lousy summer. Feb is usually one of our sunniest months, and we got almost 1.5 hours less direct sunshine each day than average. We've just had two whole days of no sun at all (thank heavens we got some sunshine today!). Plus we had half our average yearly rainfall in the first two months of the year.

Grump, whine, moan.

I often look back at our time in the US rather fondly. People said I would miss the place but y'know what I really miss?

No commitments and no responsibilities.

Being able to pack a bag and go away for the weekend "just because."

Not pouring every spare cent into house renovations.

Having most of my Stuff under control.

Now I understand if DH had gotten another job in the States, I would probably be dying by now. His old insurance would've ended and I would not have been eligible under the new plan, most likely. Even if we had paid for Cobra (extension of private health cover after the employee leaves a job that s/he had health insurance under), as far as I can tell, they could boot me off when they decided my treatment was costing too much. So my treatment would probably not gone ahead, or I would've had to come home anyway.

When I am feeling grumpy with the world, I remind myself of the Good Things in life. There are plenty of things I am grateful for.

Friends who have given me a job.

Friends full stop.

Cats (even if they drive me batty with their demands on occasion).

A garden (even if it is overgrown and out of control after a close to record breaking wet summer).


A roof over my head, bills paid (for the nonce) and food on the table (even if I do have to make it myself). (Takeaway is rarely an option - remember I have Food Issues.)

A heap more things but some days, you just want to run away, far away, go back to a simpler time and stop dealing with all the adult stuff. And I just want to run away.

Which is why it is good timing for a long drive to Adelaide. One of Nathan's cousins is getting married and when I went to book plane tickets, well $300 each one way is a LOT of money... especially when two weeks earlier they were advertising $55 one way fares.... I am rather looking forward to a drive. We haven't been out that way for years (ok, so we were in the US instead) and it should be amazingly green. If we had more time, we could go via the desert national parks (yes, we have desert in Victoria but it is the saltbush type desert not rolling sand dunes) and marvel at their greenery and the salt lakes that haven't had water in them for 20 years (because us humans like to divert all the water to Us! US! We are paramount over the environment. Or so it would seem from the way we behave...)



  1. I remember Adelaide being lovely when we visited.

    Glad you are not in the US and you're not dying! You've come through it - hurrah!


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