It never ends

G'day all!

Why is it the closer we get to the deadline, the further away the finish seems to be?

I have been jointing plasterboard (drywall) for two weeks now. You would not think we have so many joints to be done but they keep on appearing. It takes three days for each joint - two of undercoat, one of top coat then they have to be sanded. I can't find a mask that fits me well so I will end up with silicosis at this rate...

The house renovations are consuming pretty much every spare minute I have. Once in a while I get to knit or sew, like tonight when I decided that I needed to sew whilst DH and his friend tried to play The Swan (slightly beyond the friend's ability to play sweetly at this stage but practice will improve things). I have almost finished a new cardigan, short sleeved of course, just in time for the weather cooling down. Then again, we are moving to Sydney soon and it will probably be warmer there.

Tomorrow I have to go back to the lymphodema clinic cos my operated arm is playing up (no doubt because I've been overdoing things plus I am developing what my online buddies so charmingly call bulletboob).

On Tuesday I have to go back to the breast clinic to find out what they want to do about my thickened endometrium - I knew I had fibroids but now I have another problem.


They've never done me much good. Didn't pump out enough hormones to make me want babies. Went and got cancer. The endometrial problem could be precancerous. Had enough of cancer. I would say just take all the bits away but hysterectomies have their own issues.

Had enough of everything at the moment. Totally sick of house renovations. Sick of having a stupid crabby idiotic body that apparently wants to be wrong. I wish it was hormonal but umm, that was last week. I try to treat it well, give it exercise, feed it things it likes and are good for it. It looks reasonable, though we are getting a little wrinkly. Currently, I want a divorce from it! Bring me a new body. One without cancer. One that is not rebellious. One that lets me eat gluten and dairy and everything else that could possibly be yummy and maybe even some stuff that is good for me! One that doesn't object to various allergens. One that is generally cooperative and has no major or chronic illnesses.

I have to destash too but I am running out of time. We are moving to Sydney on the 26th. DH is going back to work. It is all coming waaaaay too fast. I need to get rid of some stuff.

No I am not defeated but y'know I do have to whine. If this is karma, I hate to think of what I did to deserve it. But I don't believe in karma, so I did nothing to deserve it, it is just The Way Things Are.



  1. I was just thinking of you this afternoon, thinking you hadn't been around much, and here you are!!
    Bah humbug, you are so right. You look after your body and it conks out, but other people do whatever they like and their bodies just keep going, and work properly too.
    It sounds like you have been doing way too much and moving is very stressful too. I am glad you had some sewing time.
    Hope all goes well with your girl bits anon!!!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Best wishes with everything you've got on over the next few weeks, am thinking of you. Best wishes with the move, we'll miss you!

  3. I've just been catching up on your last 6-8 posts and geez how much have you been fitting in? Apart from the health issues, the house stuff and the job stuff and then the mental stuff. Lovely lady I hope all settles down for you and super quick and that you get some rest from all of the ups and downs for a while. Best wishes for your current health issues being short term and easily dealt with.

  4. Hang in there! Moving to Sydney means higher likelihood of seeing you both again (-:

  5. Well hell, baby doll, that's just crap-on-a-stick, innit. Chin up, dearheart, onwards and upwards and all that jazz.

  6. Hi Lynne,

    You know, i agree with you. I believe things are just the way they're supposed to be! I have a great friend who had breast cancer and her attitude is just like yours: positive, smiling face. You know what happened to her? I guess the question is : you know what haqppend to the disease? ; disapeared! it has gone away looking for a more negative customer!!
    So don`t ever change: keep this beautiful smile on your gorgeous face!!!!


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