Nearly done

G'day all!

Well with all slaving we've done this week, I am pleased to say that we are nearly there! No the house isn't finished by any means but the cornices are on, the toilet (room, yes we have separate rooms for toilets here) is painted a most startling couple of colours (not finished yet), most of the plasterwork is done (not sanded = not primed or painted) and things are looking much better than they did. Hooray!

One more load of washing has to be done. Some stuff is coming to Sydney with us dirty - we don't have a drier. We have to clean up the loungeroom and get all the tools out of it and the kitchen, and then we are done! The car is half loaded up with Stuff - we have a hybrid! I am not so keen on its boot (trunk) arrangement - yes the back seats fold down but ?because it is a hybrid? only one area actually opens to the cabin. Not much point having fold down seats in my book if they don't open to the boot! Plus the side that opens is right behind the driver's seat, where being behind the passenger seat would be more useful as you could fold it flat and put a longer load in. No way you can fold the driver's seat flat to get a longer load in! Anyway, the hybrid is a bit weird because it is so quiet. You have to check the speedo a lot because you can't "feel" what speed your are doing from the engine noise. But that is what cruise control is for, at least when the traffic is flowing. I'm expect it will flow quite well when we get on the open road 8-)

The fridge has a random assortment of stuff in it. Mostly it has cat food in it - I prefer our cats to have raw meat as it is much more like their normal diet. Cats didn't evolve eating crunchies and my opinion is that crunchies are bad for their kidneys. (But they do get crunchies in the morning cos the amount of meat they will eat is amazing!) There's lots of frozen fruit in the freezer, along with a heap of frozen GF pastry (alas I never got to try it out!).

My car is at the PiL's - they need a second car some days and the second car they often use will be here. The plants we bought recently are in the ground, as are two poor struggling fruit trees (one is in a most unsuitable spot but it has a chance of living at least, even if it does shade the greenhouse if it survives and grows...). The grass is cut, the garden a little better weeded than it was (with a rainy season that never ended, rather than our usual summertime drought, the weeds got completely away from me). The pome fruit trees are almost ready to pick, boo hoo cos my golden delicious has about 30 apples on a teensy tree and I've been looking forward to eating them, though I'm happy to leave the nashi pears....

So one final lot of tidying to go (HOO-BLASTED-RAY!) and some washing and the instructions for the house sitters and we are go go go! (We might pick up a tray of eggs at the market on the way out of Melbourne - the eggs in Sydney are vile. Truly horrid - the whites don't sit up and every time we've had them, one or the other of us ends up with a tummy wobble.)

Next time I talk to you, I expect to be in Sydney. Until then,



  1. Juts reading this makes me feel exhausted. I think the Last Few Things are always the most time consuming. No drier here either.
    Oh a hybrid, very cool. Oh, I would be a bit confused not being able to 'hear' the speed. Good thing there is CC.
    Happy journey and I hope you do find some good eggs in Sydney. I didn't realise they varied so much. I am lucky we have good eggs here!

  2. Been thinking of you - hope it all went well.


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