Almost freebies - yarn for scumbling

G'day all!

I have heaps of yarn in small amounts - stuff I've hand-dyed, stuff I've spun, all sorts of bits and bobs. It would be great for scumbling or crocheting free-form granny squares or any purpose that does not require gauge (heh, my spinning isn't always perfect). It tends to be bright and happy yarn of random gauges (mostly about 8 ply/DK/light worsted but it can vary from 4 ply/fingering up to chunky). Very little of it would be machine washable. Pretty much all of it is wool, some has some silk blended into it, a little has nylon. If you are into magic balls, it would be great for that though some lengths might be a little long!

Is there anyone out there who would like some for the cost of postage?

Within Oz, I can send a satchel with up to 500g of yarn for $6, or express post for $8.40. (Note that I might not be able to get that much yarn into the satchel.) 3kg bags are $10.30 but I quite frankly doubt I can get that much yarn in. I might be able to get a kilo of yarn into one of the big satchels. I squash the yarn into ziplock bags to make sure as much gets in as possible. Also it helps keep the yarn dry.

500g airmail to the US is AUD16 (plus $6 per 250g or part thereof). To the UK is AUD20 (holy cow! That has hiked up a bit!) (plus $7 for each 250g or part thereof over 500g). Note that the amount of yarn you get would be under 500g cos I have to account for the weight of the bag. I use bags not boxes because you would be paying for almost half a pound of box to be mailed to you.

We have just over a week to finish the house and get everything packed up for storage or moving to Sydney. I am a little panic stricken, to be honest. I can't do heavy work until my arm stocking arrives - I officially have lymphodema in my right arm, it isn't bad but it is enough to be diagnosed. With any luck if I back off on the manual work after the next week it won't progress further, especially with the sleeve.

With the argh, omg, so much to do come the panics. Nathan is worried about his job - will he cope, will he be able to do it now. He has calmed down a lot but the last couple of days he's started getting quite anxious (doesn't help that I keep getting not so good news about my health) about his ability to do the job. Plus we have So. Much. To. Do here.



  1. Nice that you have an answer about the arm, not so nice that it's a problem. Have let a couple of people know about the yarn, hope someone helps you out with it. Sending you positive vibes and all the best of luck for getting everything done before the big move and that hubby keeps himself on an even keel and copes with the job.

  2. Yes, it is nice to know what's happening with your arm and hopefully giving it a rest soon will help. No wonder you are both feeling stressed out.I hope you get all the finishing off jobs done quickly and without any bother.

  3. Hope you will feel better soon! It will all fall into place when you can relax in Sydney after all the hard work is done..Let yourself relax! You deserve it ! Please take care! Sending heaps of healing vibes to you honey:-) Email me or call me if you need anything ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au (but you knew that already eh?lol)

  4. Could I have some please? And to save everyone money and bother, you could even leave it with you MIL and she could pass it on to me. IF that works for you. Have I missed a post or two? Good luck with Sydney and crap about the arm.

  5. Feel better and just relax. I know it's harder than it sounds

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon. Normally I'd be quite interested in some yarn but I'm on a diet! Sorry!

  7. Hey Lynne,Hope you re feeling better,I suppose a destash will enable more stashing of nicer stuff later,I hope so,a little brightness hey??
    Had my own tests this week very nervous wait for Docs call
    Have you got a decent place in Sydney yet? A positive again,new haunts to check out!!!Anyway stay strong and healthy,thinking of you! Hugs cath

  8. Hi Lynne,

    I hope that arm heals. My sister had it for quite a while and then it seemed to disappear unless she did too much with it.

    Hope the moving goes smoothly. If you'd like a coffee (or whatever) when you have settled in, give me an email (in my profile). I'm moving this weekend too so I'll need a while to unpack stuff that's been boxed over three yeas.

    All the best to both of you.


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