Well that will teach me!

G'day all!

I had my car serviced today and got the nasty petrol smell checked out.

One of the fuel lines had perished. And the fuel filter clamps were tied down too tight and were strangling the fuel filter. Hmmm...

So I drove off and filled up the car cos it is cheap petrol Friday (at some point soon the fuel prices will jack up about 10c a litre).

Car felt a less nippy than usual but I thought that was just me being odd.

We drove up to the PiLs' place and had a lovely BBQ there and hung out with Nathan and his brother playing Sky pieces.

Then we managed to get 100m down the road and most of the way through a right hand turn (remember we drive on the left side of the road, not the right, so it is the equivalent of a left hand drive car's left turn) when I realised we had no power. No fuel. Nada. I couldn't even roll to a stop in the most out of the way position as there was a car waiting to pull onto the road there plus we were going uphill... So we had 10 minutes of hazard flashers and cars telling us with quite a great deal of horn blowing that we were a danger parked where we were. Like DUH! Would you deliberately leave your car across 1.5 lanes of an intersection if you had any choice in the matter?


Little Helmet doesn't fly at the moment. Brother in law and the RACV (AA) man confirm no petrol getting to the carbie. Helmet has gone back to the mechanic with a nice note and the key dropped through the letters slot. This will teach me to go spend $250 on getting him all nice and fixed up!



  1. oops... but at least we finally get to see the car, visuals always help.

  2. Oh crap. I hope the letter had some polite but firm wording along the lines of "fix it and don't expect me to pay for it thank you very much". Glad you weren't in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Yes, it seems that the fault may not lie with Helmet (Hell-met by Moonlight!!)


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