G'day all!

(Dang, no wonder noone has commented on this post - I forgot to publish it!)

Things proceed here at the Modest Manor. I am doing a series of pics of the progress on our house, though they really belong on the house blog, where they will duly show up!

I have to share this pic with you. It was my Project 365 in 2011 pic* for yesterday. DH's dad has been coming around a LOT and helping with the renos. Here they are working on the deadlock on the new door.


I think it gives them both a great deal of pleasure to work together.

Today I helped out a bit and did some dyeing (and went to Bunnings and bought Even More Stuff for the house renos. We've spent at least $100 a day for the last week there...). I dyed up a couple of bathsheets for DH - I've tried tie dyeing them. I won't know if it has worked until tomorrow but it was sure fun making a mess (though I did manage to spot orange fibre-reactive dye down the front of my lovely NEW purple tshirt.... Argh!). I hope the things come out nice and colourful - the last bits of dye in the tub look pretty!


(*project 365 in 2011 is take a picture every day in 2011 - the idea has been running since 2008. One of Nathan's mates did it last year and his photography is quite amazing. I am not trying for such amazingness, just things that I like :-)



  1. Nathan and his dad look like almost mirror images!!
    Oh, your dyeing looks as if it was very colourful. Bad luck about the top, maybe a little more dye and it will be a fashion design feature??

  2. Nice photo of Nathan and his dad. Looking forward to seeing your bed sheets.


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