The joy of pets

G'day all!

I am sitting at the emergency vet with Nutmeg, who has a bad eye. She was fine half an hour before tea, then after I talked to my sister for half an hour, she was hunched up on the bed and obviously in pain. So here I am with my knitting and the cat carrier (and a busting bladder...) Waiting waiting waiting...

Ah, that is better - I couldn't figure out how to put the picture in the right spot using the phone but now it is fixed.

Nutmeg has a grungy eye of unknown origin, likely trauma. I have to put ointment on it for a couple of days then take her to our vet to get it checked again to see if it is ulcerating. She has a plastic collar on and is walking around in a very very funny way, trying to scrape it off with every step.



  1. Oh, I hope Nutmeg is OK, poor thing. There is a lot of joy with animal companions. Vets do have toilets- you can ask to go maybe??

  2. Hope Nutmeg makes a fast recovery!

  3. Hope Nutmeg is ok. love those collars!
    We are about to go on a camping holiday for a week. Last year when we went, one of our cats got in a fight and when we came home it was yuck and off to the vets straight away :-( I'm crossing my fingers that this year she keeps herself to herself. But they are both almost 15 so it might be asking a bit too much....


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