Welcome to 2011

G'day all!

It is now 2011 and has been for nearly 24 hours! Amazing.

So far, so good. It was a bit icky today - we are getting more weird humid weather, this time from the north-west (not the north east, like before Christmas). A few showers and one cracking thunderstorm. My goodness, one lightning bolt was right overhead - from cloud to cloud but only a kilometre or so up so the thunder was almost instantaneous. It cracked and rattled and shook us within a second of me noticing a very small, innocuous looking flash in the sky. Holy cow, did it give us (MiL, FiL, DH and I) one helluva shock! MiL ducked so hard she hurt her neck! I was sorting through a pile of building junk and had a long piece of aluminium (aluminum for Americans) in my hand. Rather glad it was cloud to cloud not cloud to earth/return stroke! Someone's car alarm went off several times - it obviously doesn't like thunder. Nutmeg voted for running under the house - under the house must be safer than inside the house.

I finished spinning some yarn that has been hanging around for a while. I started it months ago and had about 80g to spin up. Over the last three days I spun the rest. Now it needs a little bath and a little time in front of the camera.

I have a lovely bag of hand-spun yarn all ready to take up to my spinning guild, but alas the guild has to move. The scouts are kicking them out. So the guild has to find a new home - they very much want to rent a place rather than just have a place for one or two afternoons a month. It is a very active guild, with a gallery, a craft supplies room (with fleece room!), and a library, plus there is usually at least one activity a week happening in the rooms and ladies are always there. (Even the odd gentleman!) So it is sad that they have to move cos finding a suitable place for not a lot of rent is going to be difficult. Plus I cannot foist some yarn on them to sell for me - I've noticed my handspun sells better in person than online. Oddly enough the stuff I think is crap yarn is usually the stuff people want to buy online, whilst the really nice soft stuff sits around for months or years even! I take it to the guild and boom! Gone.

People might wonder what my resolutions are for this year.

I have none.

I am not a resolutions sort of person.

If I have to have a resolution, I am going to try to live without fear this year. Nice in theory but depending on what happens, I might just have to live with fear. That would probably be a challenge in itself!



  1. Excellent non-resolution. It is a tough one, but you have faced worse!!
    Oh, I like a good thunderstorm, None here, but we had sad fireworks that couldn't faze a pup.
    Sad moving news, it happens a lot, and no-one seems to have a community place for communities of people to meet.
    Hope you have enjoyed the first day of 2011??

  2. Lynne,

    Have a wonderful New Year. A fearless one.


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