A reprieve

G'day all!

Well the chickens live on. Boldie was looking really sick on Saturday (it was hot, which didn't help) but she has perked up a lot. Her comb is red again, not a weird grey pink, she is vocalising instead of wheezing, though she certainly has what sounds like laryngitis (hooray! She can't make loud whinings like she normally does). No eggs but with two moulting and one broody, what can I expect? They are pretty useless chickens.


So I went to the quilting guild meeting on Saturday and managed to baste two quilts all ready for quilting. (Pics don't show them with the safety pins basting them but I assure you they are done!) Haven't had time to quilt them yet, mind you, and won't have much chance since I'll be busy all weekend.


I am trying to get the house cleaned up after the bombshell of the happenings over Christmas/New Year. It is a slow and painful business, this cleaning bizzo, even when you have a nice new mop and broom.

I took a car load of stuff to the Salvos. Hooray!

Nutmeg is doing well. She even ate a raw chicken neck tonight. I've been trying to get her to eat stuff like that for a while. Cheshire point blank prefers to starve than eat anything like a raw chook neck or wing.

My beautiful crop of nectarines


has been done over by the rancid weather we are having. I have never seen rot move so quickly.


I managed to save about 80% of what you see here. I've stewed them and am only blogging now cos I am trying to get them to cool down enough to go in the fridge.

I am plotting some knitting. I have a cardigan about a third done but it is wool and I don't want wool at present. I want cotton or bamboo or something cooler like that.

Lots more to talk about but I need to get these nectarines cool and me to bed.



  1. Your quilts are beautiful as always! Great colour combo!

  2. I am so amazed by the nectarines from your garden! They looked great.

  3. That top quilt looks like it is from a book, a very nice coffee table book about quilts!!!
    Hooray for the Chicken Reprieve!!!
    Glad to hear Nutmeg is doing well too!!


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