Cracking the guilts

G'day all!

You would think I had gone hog wild spending waaay too much or something over the last few days. I am having an attack of the guilts.

I bought too many calendars (two for home, one for work, one as a gift and two wee baby ones that called to me, Lynne, Lynne, take us home! My goodness I am a sucker for a calendar at 40 or 50% off! I mostly do landscape calendars but quirky ones take my eye too.

I bought two dresses and one skirt (cost me less than $100).

I insured the car for third party property, fire and theft (umm $350 or $450? More than what the car is probably worth but if I run into a ferarri or a light pole, well we have to pay for it if we don't have car insurance). (In Victoria, every car has to have third party personal insurance - it is part of the registration fee. Our rego fee is over $500pa but for that we get no fault insurance for damage we do to other people or they do to us. We do not have to have property/car insurance - that is up to us to arrange when we choose to. Now that we have cash flow I am insuring Helmet in case I damage someone else's vehicle. If Helmet is written off, so be it. It will be peeving but a minor prang will write him off if we wanted to claim the insurance...)


Her Imperial Intergalactic Highness (now with added futuristic collar) Nutmeg has cost over $400. Money well spent in making sure that she doesn't go blind. (Though the vet today could've laid off on the picking on her weight... I try to keep it down.)


But worst of all, the very worst is Boldie the chicken is wheezing. She is distressed. She has sneezed for a long time but I thought it was just her way of communicating. But now she is wheezing as well. It might be curable but it will cost a couple of hundred dollars to find out. I am not that attached to Boldie that I will pay out that much for a sick chicken that isn't laying many eggs and is not a treasured pet. Isolde is broody all the time. And Goldie is moulting. Isolde and Boldie have to be knocked on the head and we can't leave Goldie by herself and I can't get new chickens immediately because Boldie's problem might be catching so I have to clean out the coop and disinfect it. So I am seeing if our chicken friend can come around and knock the lot on the head. I will probably cry from guilt cos I feel like I've failed the chickens.

And it is too hot to do useful stuff on my day off. Stinky hotness! Go away stinky hotness! 28C is nice, 33 and nasty hot northerly is Too Much!

And the hot water heater's gas blew out for the second time this week.

But there are upsides (I have some very nice dresses and a skirt, I have pretty calendars for the wall, my hair is starting to be able to be styled, Nutmeg is well, etc). And the wind is cooling down so I can open up the house to let it through and cool the place.



  1. I am glad Nutmeg is going to be well with his super special collar!! Bad chicken news though.
    Nice clothes buying, you sound very pleased with your purchases.
    We are heading for 30 tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it one little bit, 29 today as well.

  2. Dude, you've not failed your chooks! You're taking care of them and sometimes that means making hard decisions - all part of being a fur-mum, innit?

    YAY for bargains, too!! I got none for me but a new riding jumper for Chookie and (ha ha) a huge calendar!!

  3. Never mind Lynne,lifes full of ups and downs!

  4. Poor Nutmeg - she looks royally annoyed. I hope she and Goldie are better soon!


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