Interesting times

G'day all!

Remember that old Confucian "blessing" - "may you live in interesting times?"

Well I am living them. LOL Gotta laugh, cos otherwise you'd do something stupid.

Thanks for all your good wishes. I reckon we are working things out. Distance has certainly not helped.

We'll be back in Melbourne tomorrow, earlier in the day than planned. I am sure the cats will be happy to see us, though they've been in good hands.

I thought I'd give you a montage of some of the sights I've seen in the last week. Next time I am up here with some free time, I'll be hopping on the ferry - had a lovely, if too short, trip yesterday.

Sydney sights Jan 2011

I'll be happy to be home, though if Sydney is to be my home for a while well there are compensations to that too!



  1. Continuing good wishes, Lynne.

  2. I'm glad you are happier, best wishes!!!

  3. I am definitely envious of all the sights you saw, but thank you for sharing. I can live vicariously through you for a moment :)

  4. We used to catch the ferry at Luna Park. Walking _up_ the hill is really something.

  5. Let's hope interesting means good for you and N. You deserve all the very best after the last couple of years you've had.

  6. Keep up the Spirits,Im sure you will find heaps fibrey to do in Sydney too,thoughts are with you Lynne!!


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