Spider-phobes, look away now

I mean it!











OK. That should be enough spidey-space.

On Saturday night, we didn't sleep as well as we could. DH in particular had a bad night's sleep.

On Sunday night, DH called me into the bedroom. He thought I should see something.

This something. (Scuse the blurry shot, taken with only one 15W fluorescent light.)

No worries, it is just a golden orb weaver spider. Inside. It must've come off DH's clothes which he left on the line overnight. I had wondered where the spider had gone - she is a lovely big beauty and had been making her web on the line for a few weeks (quite annoying when it comes to hanging out the washing as I don't want to bust the web. She had even remembered her dinner she had left hanging in it when I had to break it one day - I vibrated the web to warn her and she rushed down and cut her dinner (a nice big fly) out of the web and raced back to her hidey hole. No kidding!). I had hoped she hadn't been eaten by a bat or a bird.


Look where she was making her web.


That is MY PILLOW underneath her (she's the little grey blob).

Well I was not going to bed with her making her web over us AGAIN (I think she might've been a bit frustrated by us moving when she tried to attach her web to us... EEK!). So I had to get her on a broom (the beast went and hid in the venetians! Above my pillow!) and get her outside. I threw the whole broom on the washing line (it was dark and she was running around like crazy).

Yesterday her web had reappeared on a different part of the line.

Good luck, little sister. May you have many babies!



  1. ugggg You're lucky you actually saw her before you went to sleep. uggggg heebie jeebies!!

  2. The golden orb spiders are fascination. We had many at my former home, some with absolutely enormous webs a couple of metres across. One was strategically strung outside the kitchen window in trees where it caught many insects as they flew towards the lit window at night.

    Spiders don't bother me one little bit usually. We had a bush property out of Cessnock, NSW where the huntsman spiders used to run along the ceiling beams in full view. One the size of my fist was only average to small in size for there.

  3. Well, obviously I need to read more carefully. I meant fascinating of course.

  4. Wow I would have been frightened if she'd fallen off onto me in the night. She is a fascinating creature.


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