Another new frock!

G'day all!

It seems like I've been on a dress-buying spree recently. I only had two dresses in the States cos mostly I rode my bike and bike plus dress do not go.

On Friday I had to go out to Knox City (shopping centre or mall as Americans would call it) to meet up with someone. I went to one of my favourite shops (when they are not burning incense at least).

I bought this dress there (and a skirt).


When I walked out of the shop, the alarm went off but the girl waved me on.


When I got home and took the labels off the dress to wash it, I discovered a little problem.



(I do have a receipt for it)

Ah we have fun times at the moment. I had hoped that 2011 would be a better year but already it is bollocks. Sigh. Something that matters to me a very great deal looks like it is not working, so.... But we have to wait and see if it gets better again.



  1. You look very happy in your new dress, which suits you very much!! I also liked your receipt!!

  2. I hope things improve for you soon. What a nuisance having to take dress (and receipt) back.

  3. Keep positive. It will get better! I love the dress on you.

  4. Nice dress. Wish I had your body. lol Enjoyed viewing your quilts and cats too!

    I have been seeing the horrible flooding in Australia, just hope you are not affected!

  5. Great dress, Lynne! You look smashing in it, too!

    Hang in there, girl...things will definitely get better. I feel in my bones that 2011 is going to be a much better year for you...sending hugs!


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